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Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev
Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev

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Game Dev Digest — Issue #90 - Find Out What's New

Issue #90 - Find Out What's New

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Issue #90 - Find Out What's New

Find out what's new, and maybe some things not so new but that slipped under the radar. Enjoy!

Using Unity Scriptable Objects to solve Architecture problems - This article covers the basics of Scriptable Objects and some ways in which they’re helpful.
Bronson Zgeb

Fast Prototyping in Unity: Co-routines - In this article, we dive into the concept of Coroutines and their properties to achieve efficient and versatile tasks, specifically for fast prototyping in Unity.
Yvens Serpa

Find out what’s new for the Addressable Asset System - The Addressable Asset System allows you to safely and efficiently manage the content of complex Unity projects. Discover how the Synchronous Addressables API can make switching your project to this flexible system easier than before.

Blender Tutorial for Beginners: How To Make A Mushroom - Learn how to make a 3D mushroom in this Blender tutorial for beginners!

Bursting into 2021 with Burst 1.5 - Our High Performance C# (HPC#) compiler technology, Burst, just keeps getting better. That’s why we want to unpack some major improvements made in the most recent version, Burst 1.5. In this post, we’ll take you through the headline features and their benefits, so you can make the most of Burst in your projects.

Dungeon Generation in Unexplored - It’s rare that you see a game that gives top billing in its marketing to the quality of its procedurally generated levels. Normally PCG is sprinkled in a game to add a bit of variety, or to make up for the lack of actual level design. But, for 2017’s Unexplored, the rest of the game is there to justify the stellar levels.

Convex or Concave - Here is a nice and fast way to check if a polygon in 3D space is convex or concave. Basically get a normal for each edge and calculate the dot product with the next edge. Compare the direction and if the sign changes it is concave.
Binary Impact @BinaryImpactG

GlobalObjectId - Wow I just learnt about GlobalObjectId. >> Struct providing an API for stable, project-global object identifiers.
Marcel Wiessler @marcel_wiessler

Unity 2021.2.0 Alpha 13 - Unity 2021.2.0 Alpha 13 has been released.


Blend Two Camera Views with a Render Texture in Unity URP! | Game Dev Tutorial
Blend Two Camera Views with a Render Texture in Unity URP! | Game Dev Tutorial - A cool technique to know is how to blend two cameras' outputs. In this video, I show how using a render texture and a renderer feature. One camera renders to the texture, then the feature runs a post process shader to blend that with the screen. Finally, a C# script initializes the blending effect.
Ned Makes Games

Unity Creature and Vehicle Controller Tutorial - Rigid Body - A directional, rigidbody-based orientation and speed controller for Unity.
Lukas Vantilburg

Pottery tutorial in Unity, Part 1 - How to make pottery game made by voodoo using Skinned Mesh Renderer Blend Shapes Unity
Hamza Herbou

We're getting a real multiplayer solution??? [MLAPI & COM.UNITY.TRANSPORT] - Dive in this free multiplayer code sample and learn how unity creates a networked game with the MLAPI library.

Using Bolt to manage Gameplay Logic in Unity - In this video we take a look at how we can use Custom Units in Bolt to build modules that enable us to design and manage the flow of Gameplay Logic (such as Tutorials, Quests, or Cutscenes) directly in the Editor. A big thanks to Unity for sponsoring this video!
Game Dev Guide

SIMPLE SHADER GRAPHS - LAVA EDITION Unity 2019 LTS [THIS SHADER GRAPH IS TOO HOT] - Check out this very simple yet stylish Lava Shader Graph tutorial with in depth node explanation made in Unity 2019 LTS.
Seth Funk

Why I don't hate Singletons? - Are singletons really that bad? Let's discuss why they might be somewhat helpful in your unity3d game, what some of the issue can be, and how you can apply the singleton pattern in your games.
Jason Weimann


Sprint into Spring Sale
Sprint into Spring Sale - Save 50%: Sprint into Spring Sale is on now!

500+ of our most popular assets at 50% off. Plus, get an extra 5% off on-sale purchases of $100 or more and 10% off on-sale purchases of $150 or more with coupon code SPRING2021. Check out the sale now!

We are also bringing back our popular Daily Deals, one high value asset each day that is available at 70% off.

[Tool] No more duplicates at bottom of hierarchy - It really annoying me that duplicate object will put your new duplicates at bottom of hierarchy So I wrote this post to share a custom Unity shortcut function!
Froggy's Game Making Note Open Source

Minimal First Person Character Controller - A First Person Character Controller for Unity, that is easy to integrate and extend.
GCodergr Open Source

UnitypackageExtractor.cs - Extract a .unitypackage to any directory (even outside the project folder) from within Unity
yasirkula Open Source

PaletteWindow.cs - Palette window with drag-drop boxes that you can drag common objects onto such as scenes, materials, prefabs to easily access them later (From SabreCSG originally)
sabresaurus Open Source

Graphy - Ultimate FPS Counter - Stats Monitor & Debugger (Unity) - New release for Graphy is up! Version 2.1.0 brings an improved UI and a pretty big refactor. Go get it now!
Tayx94 Open Source

PlainDataInstancer.cs - PlainDataInstancer ScriptableObject for Unity, so you can create deep clones of data stored in SO assets at runtime without the overhead of ScriptableObject copies.
OscarAbraham Open Source

Monster Mash: New Sketch-Based Modeling and Animation Tool - This is the open-source version of Monster Mash.
Monster Mash is a new sketch-based modeling and animation tool that allows you to quickly sketch a character, inflate it into 3D, and promptly animate it. You can perform all interactions in the sketching plane. No 3D manipulation is required. [Read the blog post]
google Open Source


Warzone - If you like Hasbro's RISK® game, you'll love Warzone! Play alone or with friends.

[Warzone is built in Unity, read about the development on the blog. Randy is an indie developer who currently needs support to protect his trademark]
Randy Ficker

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