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Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev
Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev

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Game Dev Digest — Issue #153 - Make Games A Little More Fun

Issue #153 - Make Games A Little More Fun

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Issue #153 - Make Games A Little More Fun

Great tips on game design, rendering, handling input and a lot more. Enjoy!

Introduction to Unity UI – Part 1 - UI is a crucial part of any video game. Even in the most basic of games you need to navigate a main menu to start the action! In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the most common components developers use to build user interfaces in Unity. All while listening to some sweet sliding blues music. :]
[Also Part 2]

How to use streaming assets in Unity - In general, it’s a good practice to keep your build as lightweight as you can, so the player won’t be discouraged from downloading your game due to the size, and your scenes will run considerably faster. There are multiple tips and tricks to achieve this, and in this article we will be talking about some of them, starting with streaming assets.

Physicallybased - A database of physically based values for CG artists

Unity 2022.2.0 Beta 5 - Unity version 2022.2.0 Beta 5 has been released.


Smash Bros. creator has a new YouTube channel to help make games ‘a little more fun’
Smash Bros. creator has a new YouTube channel to help make games ‘a little more fun’ - Masahiro Sakurai turns to the Internet to mentor the next generation of game designers [Direct link to the channel]

Don't Make My Job Easy: Effectively Pitching to Publishers - In this GDC 2022 session, Armor Games Studios’ August Brown has an honest conversation about how publishers actually evaluate pitches and how you can adjust yours to give you the best chance of getting a publishing offer.

How to Create Dialogue Audio like in Celeste and Animal Crossing using Unity - This video covers how to create dialogue audio similar to in games like Celeste and Animal Crossing using Unity.
Trever Mock

Easily Position Objects with the Help of Mathematical Functions (Unity Tutorial) - In this tutorial we're going to look at a really useful feature in Unity, that allows us to use mathematical functions to position groups of objects.
Ketra Games

Simple Enemy AI in Unity - Hey! Are you ready for the scariest Zombie ever? Let's see how we created the first enemy of our little videogame!

Make a 2D tank game in Unity 2020 - Tilemaps - P1 - In this Unity tutorial we will learn how to use Tilemaps to create map with obstacles. This is the first video of the 2D Top Down Tank game tutorial series.
Sunny Valley Studio

Creating an Outline Effect as a Post-Process in Unity - Outlines can be tricky to do in a mesh shader. So, let's do it in post instead...
Game Dev Guide

What Makes A Good Secret Boss? - Secret bosses aren't just optional bosses. The secret within every secret boss creates depth in game design and the possibility of even more to find. The path a game takes to create a secret boss is unique, and the huge variety of options will shape the type of experience that players will get out of the hunt for a secret boss. Let's talk about how to build a good secret boss, from the road to the destination.
Design Doc


SFX And Music For Your Games
SFX And Music For Your Games - Craft the perfect soundscape.

Need some great sounds to bring your battles to life or score your role-playing story? This bundle of sound effects, tracks, loops, and more from talented creators around the world will help you add the audio atmosphere you’re searching for. Inside you’ll find music fit for multiple genres—from 8-bit adventures to orchestral fantasy epics to rock-fueled action—as well as thousands of SFX ideal for real-time strategy, RPGs, FPS games, and more.

Plus, your purchase will support Alzheimer's Research UK and the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Indie Innovation Sale - The Indie Innovation Sale ends on August 31. You can currently save 40% on select assets. You can also save an additional 5% off orders of $100+ more, 10% off orders of $175+ more, and 15% off orders of $250+ with the Buy More, Save More coupon code: BESTOF2022
Unity Affiliate

Voxels - GPU-based implementation of Dual Contouring in Unity for destructible voxel terrain.
Tuntenfisch Open Source

OpenFracture - OpenFracture is an open source Unity package for fracturing & slicing meshes. This package supports both convex and non-convex meshes as well as meshes with holes. This means any arbitrary geometry can be fractured/sliced (as long as the geometry is closed and non-intersecting).
dgreenheck Open Source

Asmdef Helper - Unity assembly definition utilities.
naninunenoy Open Source

LWGUI (Light Weight Shader GUI) - A Lightweight, Flexible, Powerful Unity Shader GUI system.
JasonMa0012 Open Source

Unity Mesh Transfer Tool - A Unity Editor utility that can transfer skinned mesh renderers from one armature to another. This does not automatically weight anything, it just lets you use a mesh on a specified armature instead of only the one it was imported with.
CascadianWorks Open Source

SVG Importer for Unity - This script allows you to use SVG files as sprites for your Unity project. It should work on any Unity platforms.
Artees Open Source

Advanced grid based movement for dungeon crawler type games. - An more advanced approach for Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Legend of Grimrock style grid based movement in Unity3d games.
LutzGrosshennig Open Source

Unity auto attach - Auto attach components to serialized fields.
dythervin Open Source

UnityMemberGenerator - This is Hierarchy Structure based UI Code Generator.
shlifedev Open Source

Auto Translate For Unity Localization - Auto translation of the whole game in one click, using unity localization and translate service api.
MaksymHernets Open Source

Spline - A simple spline and spline editor tool for unity
A simple spline and spline editor tool for unity Open Source

unity-camera-and-input - A collection of camera controller and input wrapper scripts.
insthync Open Source

Swipe Detector - Swipe detection system for Unity game engine.
Burning-Lab Open Source

Simple Roads (FREE) - A kit for building any kind of road. From curvy race tracks, to busy city junctions. Supports elevations and ramps so your cities and tracks don't have to be flat and boring.
Stepan Drunks Affiliate

RaycastVisualization - This asset allows users to view raycasts as the user fires them.
RaycastVisualization Open Source

Unity Editor Toolbox - Improve usability and clarity of key features in Unity Editor for better workflow!
arimger Open Source

Pcx - Point Cloud Importer/Renderer for Unity - Pcx is a custom importer and renderer that allows for handling point cloud data in Unity.
keijiro Open Source

Have you ever wanted to smoothly go from perspective to orthographic? [Code Available] - I specifically needed a no-dependency method that just blends nicely with a little bit of configurability. [Direct link to source code]


Obsidian Legion
Obsidian Legion - Embark on a dark journey in this 2D Adventure Game. Rise to the challenge as you fight your way in a land of perils and wonders. Explore the world and collect the tools necessary to overcome the many obstacles set before you. Find the path that leads to the Obsidian Legion.

[You can wishlist it on Steam, and follow them on Twitter]
Palisade Games

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