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Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev
Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev

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Game Dev Digest — Issue #126 - Moving Things, And Looking Good

Issue #126 - Moving Things, And Looking Good

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Issue #126 - Moving Things, And Looking Good

Learn shaders, VFX, and how to move things around in your game, plus a lot more. Enjoy!

Creating a VFX Fire Pack for Unity & Unreal Engine - COO of ActionVFX Luke Thompson and CEO of Undertone FX David Johnson have told us about the enormous fire VFX pack for Unreal and Unity, discussed the development process, and shared some knowledge about optimization.

Tornado Shader Breakdown - Recently made this tornado which involves a few layers of alpha-clipped scrolling noise and vertex displacement to make it wobble.

The Unity Shader Bible - The definitive book to learn shaders in Unity. [Now you can get it 20% off with code: THANKS20]

Unity 2022.1.0 Beta 5 - Unity 2022.1.0 Beta 5 has been released.

Unity API Timeline - View and search API changes across versions.


How To Create A Multiplayer Spell System In Unity 2022
How To Create A Multiplayer Spell System In Unity 2022 - This Unity Multiplayer tutorial will teach you all about the new official Unity multiplayer solution and how I've been implementing it in my own project!
Dapper Dino

How to make a Homing Missile in Unity with Trajectory Prediction (source included) - Homing missiles are fun as hell, so let's make one. This rocket will predict future motion using velocity. We'll also use cosine to make the rocket trajectory more interesting.

How to make a CRAFTING system in UNITY 2022! - In this game dev tutorial we'll show you how to make a crafting system using Unity 2022 and C#!

The Ultimate Introduction to Scriptable Objects in Unity - In this video I'll introduce you to ScriptableObjects (SOs), show you what they are, how they work, how to make one, and why you should use them.

Moving Characters in Games – Kinematic Character Controller in Unity - Investigating how players move in games with Unity.
Nick Maltbie

How to create a Replay System like in Super Meat Boy using Unity - In this video, I show how to create a replay system similar to the one in Super Meat Boy using Unity. We'll start with replaying a single playthrough and then expand the system to handle replaying each attempt at the level.
Trever Mock

Unity Racing Game Essentials Tutorial - Movement and tracks are vital, but the key component that makes a racing game, well, a racing game is being able to track a racers progress through the course and to register when a lap has been completed.


Celebrate Lunar New Year with Two Unity Mega Bundles
Celebrate Lunar New Year with Two Unity Mega Bundles - Unity is kicking off our Lunar New Year Sale with not one, but TWO incredible Mega Bundles. With these two bundles, users can save up to 95% off. Each of the two Mega Bundles contains three curated sets of must-have assets.

Mega Bundle 1: Daring Bundle
$19.99 Bundle - save up to 81.8%
This bundle contains: Cartoon GUI Pack, Physics Tank Maker, and 3D Props - Adorable Items.

$29.99 Bundle - save up to 92.8%
This bundle contains everything from the $19.99 bundle, plus MegaBook, Enemy AI, FluXY - 2.5D fluid simulator, Shift - Complete Sci-Fi UI, Rocky Hills Environment - Mega Pack (SRP), and SpellBook Megapack.

$39.99 Bundle - save up to 95.7%
This bundle contains everything from the $19.99 and $29.99 bundles, plus Kinematic Character Controller, ArchVizPRO Interior Vol.6, Global Snow, Leaning Animator, Magio - Interactive Effect Engine - URP/HDRP, Black mage spells, Ultimate Mobile Pro, Uni Bullet Hell, Tiny Dragon, Dreamscape Nature: Meadows, and PRO Effects: Sci-fi Shooter FX.

Mega Bundle 2: Roaring Bundle
$19.99 Bundle - save up to 79.8%
This bundle contains: Jigsaw puzzle - Creator Kit, Mech Constructor: Spiders and Tanks, and Realistic Sniper and Ballistics System.

$29.99 Bundle - save up to 92.6%
This bundle contains everything from the $19.99 bundle, plus African Big Pack, RPG Monster Wave 2 Polyart, Japanese School Gymnasium, Ultimate Screenshot Creator, Prefab Brush+, and ForceField Effects.

$39.99 Bundle - save up to 95.5%
This bundle contains everything from the $19.99 and $29.99 bundles, plus Pure Nature, Top Down Effects, SUIMONO Water System, Terrain Composer 2, AnyPortrait, Pistol Animset Pro, Dynamic Radial Masks, Turnbase RPG Template, Airport Pack, Fantazia: Character Editor, and Melee Warrior Animations.
Unity Asset Store Affiliate

Automatically Create Polygon Collider 2D From 2D Mesh in Unity - I ended up writing a script that analyzes the MeshFilter of the mesh, and programmatically creates a Polygon Collider 2D for it. It also supports meshes that have mutliple non-connected components.
Nick Vogt Open Source

UnityMeshSimplifier - Mesh simplification for Unity. The project is deeply based on the Fast Quadric Mesh Simplification algorithm, but rewritten entirely in C# and released under the MIT license.
Whinarn Open Source

Unity Runtime SpriteSheets Generator - Unity and plugins provide many great ways to build Sprite Sheets. However they're used directly into Unity Editor or with an external software which is perfect in many case, but none provide the ability to generate SpriteSheets at runtime.
DaVikingCode Open Source

Unity Timer - Run actions after a delay in Unity3D.
akbiggs Open Source

Asset Usage Detector for Unity 3D - Find usages of the selected asset(s) and/or Object(s) in your Unity project, i.e. list the objects that refer to them
yasirkula Open Source

In-game Debug Console for Unity 3D - A uGUI based console to see debug messages and execute commands during gameplay in Unity
yasirkula Open Source

Unity Native Scripting - A library to allow writing Unity scripts in native code: C, C++, assembly.
jacksondunstan Open Source

Espionage.Engine - Espionage.Engine is a Unity game base, where you design games off it (duh). Its meant to be a similar workflow to Unreal Engine or s&box where you can do a majority of the work for your game straight in code.
Woosh-Crew Open Source

TofuECS - This is an entity component system (ECS) framework written in C# that can be easily added to a Unity project as a managed plugin (dll) — although there's no reason you couldn't use it for some other non-Unity purpose.
njelly Open Source


Paper Animal RPG
Paper Animal RPG - A RPG roguelike where you can explore a colorful world, fight scary enemies and relax with your friends at the campfire! Coming to Kickstarter mid 2022! [Follow development on Twitter]

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