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Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev
Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev

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Game Dev Digest — Issue #41 - Mobile, Devops, Shader Graph, Terrain, And Tons More!

Issue #41 - Mobile, Devops, Shader Graph, Terrain, And Tons More!

Issue #41 - Mobile, Devops, Shader Graph, Terrain, And Tons More!

Shader Graph as usual is a topic this week, check out the posts below and be inspired. HDRP and visuals are another related theme. Additionally, posts covering RTS games, terrain implementations, developing for mobile, performance tuning and analytics and plenty more. Dig in and enjoy

Shoreline Shader Implementation - Hey all, wanted to share some info about how the shoreline shader is done. (This is a slightly simplified version).

Transparency Dithering in Shader Graph and URP - I've noticed a handful of games use a "dithering transparency" technique, so I decided to implement it in Shader Graph!
Daniel Ilett

Simulate Wind With Shadergraph - Hey guys! here is a new #under60sec tutorial where you can see how to easily simulate wind for flags with shadergraph.
Daniel Santalla

Unity Shader Graph viewer - This simple tool allows you to open and preview any .shadergraph and .shadersubgraph file generated by Unity's shader graph locally. You can also submit your .shadergraph and .subshadergraph files to the library. [The source code is also available.]

Unity GPU Optimization: Is Your Game.. Vertex Bound? - Is your game rendering more geometry than your GPU can handle? Here, let me show you a few steps to check if your geometry is causing a performance bottleneck on your players' GPU.
The Gamedev Guru

Powering Up Your Unity Game Development with DevOps: Docker + GitLab + Discord - I stumbled upon an interesting video titled “Stress-Free Game Development: Powering Up Your Studio With DevOps”. The talk spurred me to improve my own deployment system even further, and this is why I am turning my experiences into this devlog.
Tales of Kulplex

Why the Difference between Mono and Stereo Audio Files is Important for Your Game - Today we’ll be covering Unity’s “Force To Mono” option in the Audio Import Settings, mono & stereo audio files, and why the difference is important for your game.
Made Indrayana

Hundred Soul: How Hound13 created a stunning mobile ARPG with Unity - In January 2019, a Korean indie studio Hound13 launched Hundred Soul as a mobile-only, action role-playing game (ARPG) in Korea. After over 1.6 million mobile downloads and positive Korean Google Play and AppStore ratings, this fast-moving, game with near-console graphics quality has set its sights on North America by the end of April 2020.

Select units within a rectangle in Unity with C# - In strategy games it's common to select units by making a rectangle with the mouse. All of those units within the area will then be selected when you release the mouse button. [source code now available.]

Generic Algorithm Examples - There are many common algorithms that we use constantly: searching, filtering, mapping, and so forth. Today we’ll write a few in the Burst-friendly way as examples of how to write Burst-friendly code that’s still reusable and efficient.

Google Play Games Plugin for Unity: Tips & Tricks - In this post I will list some tips and tricks that I learned while using the Google Play Games Plugin for Unity.
Diego Giacomelli

DOTS Research Resources - A Unity DOTS research resource list.
DOTS Playground

MARS Companion Apps - The Mixed and Augmented Reality Studio (MARS) for Unity is a suite of authoring tools and runtime systems for creating the next generation of spatial computing applications. Companion apps that allow for authoring and data capture on augmented reality (AR) devices are a key part of this suite.

Game on! Building a Unity Leaderboard with GraphQL & Hasura - In this three-part video series, we build a Unity leaderboard with Hasura! Follow along as Baris Tumerkan, a Unity dev who is learning GraphQL, and Sezgi Ulucam, a GraphQL dev with no Unity experience, team up to solve this challenge together.

Unity releases - Versions 2020.1.0b6 and 2020.2.0a8 have been released.


Valorant Phoenix Fire Wall Remake in Unity
Valorant Phoenix Fire Wall Remake in Unity - This time I decided to recreate in Phoenix Blaze ability from the game Valorant. I used Unity, the Shader Graph and Blender in order to recreate the original idea of this Visual Effect.
Gabriel Aguiar Prod.

Procedurally Generated Low-Poly Terrains in Unity - in this video, I am going show you I procedurally generate low-poly terrains.

Create Landscapes and Terrain Faster - Unite Now - Creating landscapes for your interactive experiences can be difficult. Unity's new Terrain tools help make that process a lot easier. This session will showcase some of our latest tools like custom brushes for sculpting your terrain, material painting, and even terrain holes!

Coding Adventure: Solar System - Experimenting with gravity and attempting to make a miniature, explorable solar system.
Sebastian Lague

POST PROCESSING in URP (Universal Render Pipeline) - Let's explore the New Post Processing System in Unity's Universal Render Pipeline(URP).
Unity Guruz

Adding Volumes to HDRP (Tutorial) - The High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) uses a Volume framework. We can use Volumes to control settings such as fog, sky, lighting, post-processing, or shadows. In this video, we'll take a look at how to change the look of your scene by creating these Volumes and transitioning between the effects.

Creating Realistic Materials in Unity 2019.3! – HDRP Tutorial - HDRP in Unity take advantage of pipeline features such as Hair, Decal and Lit Shader! In this video, we'll use the Lit Shader to create realistic materials with Unity 2019.3!

Fix RigidBody Jitter in One Click - Unity Quick Tips - In this game dev tutorial I will show how to easily fix visual jitter issues with your Rigidbody in Unity.
Lost Relic Games

Key takeaways from the 2020 Mobile Game Monetization Report - Unite Now - Unity’s Ad Operations team aggregated and anonymized all its 2019 monetization data and summarized it in the insightful 2020 Mobile Game Monetization Report. Watch this video to learn how to monetize your games better via key highlights from the report, and what to expect in 2020.

Getting Personal with Analytics – Unite Now - The personalization of games has transformed gaming and will continue to drive studio success for years to come. Join this session to learn how to put your players first – and why it’s important to do so. We’ll also look at trends and coming technological developments that will change the game landscape.

Control Units and Give Orders! (Unity RTS Tutorial) - Let's make a Simple RTS Control System to Select our Units and Give Orders. This is a great base for you to expand upon, add more actions, different types of units, etc.
Code Monkey

Meet the Devs: Input System - Unite Now - In this session, we'll show you how to get started with the new Input System. The Input System team lead then answers questions about their roadmap.

The Guide to Creating Beautiful Levels in Unity3D - Introducing the GameDevhHQ Guide to Creating Beautiful Games in Unity3D - a comprehensive course built to help you understand the fundamentals of beautiful game design in Unity 2019.3 and above.

How to make an easy to extend Tween Library with Unity3D - I will be showing you how to make an easy to extend and simple to use tweening library for your #UI that can be easily moved between projects.
Coding With Unity

Shadergraph | Bubble Tutorial - Unity walkthrough tutorial on how to create a Shadergraph bubble shader. Shader has 'oily' surface distortion, coloured fresnel, and wobble properties ( amongst other properties discussed further in the video ).


Unity Spring Sale!
Unity Spring Sale! - More than 500 of our most popular assets are available at 50% off and one high value asset each day is available at 70% off as a Daily Deal.
New, exclusive 10% off coupon:
Unity Asset Store Affiliate

HUMBLE BOOK BUNDLE: APPLIED MATH PRODUCTIVITY BY MERCURY LEARNING - Get ebooks like Mathematics for Computer Graphics and Game Programming, Flight Science, The Special Theory of Relativity, Foundations of Physics, and more! $1,104 WORTH OF AWESOME STUFF. PAY $1 OR MORE.
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Texture Combiner Utility - Substance designer is $240/year but you can get this sweet tool for combining textures with RGB masks to keep forever by being my patron for $5! Talk about a bargain! (note: requires odin inspector)
Manuela Malasaña

Ray Marching Sandbox - My Sandbox for Learning Ray Marching.
Ming-Lun "Allen" Chou Open Source

CheckAddressNameTooLong.cs - Unity addressables allows writing custom analyze rules to check and fix your setup, e.g. you can limit the number of characters for each addressable to avoid windows character limit for path.
Radek Paszkowski Open Source

HUMBLE 7000 GAME DEV ICONS BUNDLE - Create your own PC or mobile games, software, applications, websites, and more with this bundle of icons! Your purchase will support the following organizations responding to COVID-19, Partners In Health, Action Against Hunger, and Red Nose Day. In addition, you may also choose a charity of your choice! $449 WORTH OF AWESOME STUFF. PAY $1 OR MORE.
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Wet Shadows - Wet Shadows with Unity URP Shader Graph. Very flexible and simple graph.
Christopher Sims Open Source

Universal Deep Linking - Seamless Deep Link and Web Link Association - Universal Deeplinking plugin enables your Unity projects to be opened or activated using deep links and/or web links, enabling your projects another way to interact with your users. The plugin automatically configures deep linking and domain association on the target platform on build, making its usage simple and quick, the integration is as simple as registering a callback to an event. 50% Off On Sale.
ImaginationOverflow Affiliate


City Of Ragdolls
City Of Ragdolls - Become a ragdoll and create your own city and enjoy everything you love about ragdolls! Indie Game Devlog #1
Unity Ninja

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