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Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev
Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev

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Game Dev Digest — Issue #222 - Technical Art and more

Issue #222 - Technical Art and more

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Issue #222 - Technical Art and more

Back with another issue, hope your game dev is going well. Enjoy!

Unity Presents a Novel Method For Generating Texture Maps - The proposed framework utilizes a PBR diffusion model in combination with a frozen RGB model.

The Occasionally Useful State Pattern - By using the “State Pattern”, we are able to remove a great deal of potentially repetitive and error prone if/then branching logic out of our code.

Unity For Technical Art: Advantages, Tools & Workflows - Technical Artist Kacper Szwajka told us how he shifted from concept art to technical art, spoke about the advantages of Unity when it comes to his work, and shared some details about the recently released guide on GPU-boosted run-time procedural placement on terrain in Unity.

Building the first NFL-licensed VR football franchise with Unity - StatusPRO’s Head of AI and Gameplay Derrick Levy lays out how they made it happen with help from Unity.

How to add Retro Pixelated effect to your 3D game in 60 sec - To add a Pixelate effect to your game you can use a RenderTexture

I can't believe how much simpler using a finite state machine is - [A Reddit discussion on FSM, GOAP, and more patterns]


Build Procedural UI with Callbacks and Manipulators
Build Procedural UI with Callbacks and Manipulators - Learn how to use UI Toolkit like a BOSS in this step by step walkthrough of building a Drag and Drop Inventory System procedurally in Unity using UI Toolkit and some of it's more advanced features such as Activators and Manipulators.

Returning to Monkey Island - Noclip Documentary - We talk to the original creators of Monkey Island about the legacy of the franchise and how that impacted their journey to bring the series back in 2023.
Noclip - Video Game Documentaries

Using DOTS to build the RTS Base-Building game Cataclismo - Today's theme is DOTS we've brought on a game that isn't released yet but they have been using DOTS to bring their game to life

Quick Singleton Scriptableobject in Unity - GameConfig - Hey everybody today I want to show you something really useful and really simple. How to set up a simple game settings scriptable object that can sit inside your project and be accessed from your code really easily
Jason Weimann

Let's Talk Game Dev: With Fairlii - In this candid conversation, Fairlii opens up about his personal struggles with major anxiety and mental health challenges, as well as shares his experience navigating the treacherous waters of burnout in game dev. Despite facing these difficult challenges, Fairlii remains committed to crafting Gelli Fields into a finished project that will enchant players with its unique charm.
Sasquatch B Studios

Unity Devs: Do THIS to EASILY Trigger Events in Your Game - Triggering events in a game is a critical ability for any game dev. Whether it's a boss battle, a helpful hint, or just opening a door for the player to walk through. Figuring out how to do this is not particularly hard, but there might be a better way of doing it than the way you're currently using. And it might be in this video!


Asset Refresh Sale
Asset Refresh Sale - Get 50% off trending assets, including tools, characters, animations, audio, toolkits, guides and more.
Including: COZY: Stylized Weather 3, Zibra Smoke & Fire, Emerald AI 2024, Atavism X.9 On-Premises and much more!
Unity Affiliate

Melodic Mayhem - A Comprehensive Audio And Music Bundle - Your audio needs are met. Upgrade your next project with pro-level audio with this mind-bogglingly huge bundle, packed with all the music, sound effects, and engine-specific plugins you’ll ever need. You’ll get royalty-free tracks that span the genres, both musical and thematic—from atmospheric synthpop and hard-driving industrial, to tunes perfect for fantasy, sci-fi, and more. Also included is a vast library of sound effects suitable for all manner of genres and settings, as well as jingles and UI sounds, plus essential sound plugins for Unreal, Unity, and Godot. Pay what you want for a library that will cover your audio needs forever and help support the Children's Miracle Network with your purchase!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

CapsuleOcclusion - Unity package implementing clustered capsule/character occlusion
Fewes Open Source

SynicSugar - Unity High-level Networking Library for Mobile and Small-party Games with Epic Online Services.
skeyll Open Source

UnityWebGL-LoadingTest - Unity WebGL platform and version comparisons with a lot of nice extras
JohannesDeml Open Source

test-helper.monkey - Reference implementation that performs object-based Unity UI (uGUI) monkey tests and API for custom implementation
nowsprinting Open Source

MonoCache - Lightweight Optimization Framework for Unity
MeeXaSiK Open Source

polyhydra-core - A polyhedral mesh generation library for Unity based on the halfedge data structure
IxxyXR Open Source

Doinject - Asynchronous DIContainer for Unity
mewlist Open Source

figma-ui-image - Figma UI Image. A package to bring a Figma Design to Unity as a UI Image.
Volorf Open Source

50% off VIS Games - Founded in 2003, VIS-Games has spent the last 20 years developing over 100 games for several different systems. We’ve also been publishing high-quality game assets in the Unity Asset Store since 2011. PLUS, get Coast Landscape Racing Track for FREE with code VISGAMES.
Unity Affiliate

Game Design And Programming - Book Bundle - Game development skills within reach. Start your journey into game development today with this bundle of books from Pearson, full of critical instruction for beginners and invaluable skill-up material for seasoned devs! Learn how to create compelling and profitable content for one of the hottest games around in Roblox Game Development in 24 Hours: The Official Roblox Guide. Bone up on the basics required to truly understand the craft in Fundamentals of Game Design. Empower yourself with the skills to create your own bespoke art assets with Learning Blender. Get all these books and more—a value of over $800—and help support Women Who Code with your purchase.
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Corel 2023 Painter And More Software Bundle - Corel’s artist’s arsenal is back! Back by popular demand, this bundle of digital art and editing tools from Corel will help you make your artistic vision real! Sketch, paint, and illustrate with the renowned Corel Painter 2023, including a kit full of brush packs to help you create your signature style. Make every shot your best with the advanced photo editing capabilities of PaintShop Pro, and harness the time-saving power of AfterShot Pro. Become a master of the digital canvas with the help of Corel, and help support Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) with your purchase!
Humble Bundle Affiliate


A Rat's Life: The Cat Conspiracy
A Rat's Life: The Cat Conspiracy - Get on your four paws in this adventure game that blends Collect-a-Thon and Metroidvania mechanics. Learn action-oriented rodent skills as you progress through an interconnected world. Uncover intriguing conspiracies that shape a microsociety inhabited by memorable (and often scummy) characters.

[You can get the demo on Steam and follow them on Twitter]
Pieces Games

Call Of Dookie

My game, Call Of Dookie. Demo available on Steam

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