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Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev
Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev

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Game Dev Digest — Issue #166 - Advanced Visual Effects

Issue #166 - Advanced Visual Effects

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Issue #166 - Advanced Visual Effects

Advanced visual effects guides and techniques. Unity's latest tech stream release. Plus plenty more, enjoy!

V Rising's Animation Layering in Unity - Stunlock Studios' Technical Animator Albin Thunström showed the character animation workflow used in V Rising, discussed how the layers were made, and mentioned different approaches to animating.

Off the wall: The dos and don'ts of video game graffiti - So while we know we’re inevitably going to have graffiti in our games, how exactly do we, as world-builders, actually go about doing that in a logical way that makes those worlds feel more believable?

Create spellbinding visual effects with our advanced VFX guide - Our new 120-page e-book, The definitive guide to creating advanced visual effects in Unity, guides artists, designers, and programmers using the Unity 2021 LTS version of VFX Graph. Use it as a reference for producing richly layered, real-time visual effects for your games. [Direct link to the guide]

Unity 2022.2 Tech Stream is now available - I’m delighted to share that the 2022.2 Tech Stream, our final release of the year, is available for download.


Six Grass Rendering Techniques in Unity
Six Grass Rendering Techniques in Unity - Ever wanted to add grass to your game? There are many ways of implementing grass in Unity, and while one technique could be great at one thing, it might suck at another. In this video, I'll go over six grass rendering methods and explore what makes each one great in certain situations.
Daniel Ilett

DOTS, Graphics, Multiplayer, Physics, 2D - 2022.2! - Unity 2022.2 is here, one step closer to LTS! Let's see what's new in this version. DOTS, Multiplayer, Physics, 2D, Graphics and tons more tiny changes to help you make better games!
Code Monkey

The secret to how to make your game look good in Unity - I eventually came out with a formula that will always make my game look good in this video, I will walk you through the process, and your game will never look bad again!
Single-Minded Ryan

How to Create Custom Yield Instructions for Coroutines (Unity Tutorial) - In this Unity tutorial we're going to look at how to create a custom yield instruction that suspends a coroutine until a key is pressed.
Ketra Games

Create advanced visual effects in VFX Graph: Decals | Unity - See how to make use of decals in VFX Graph to create thousands of dynamic, splattering balls of green goo. This video shows how to use the camera depth buffer to calculate the normals for the decals’ projection of the splatter graphics. The demo uses the portal assets from the free Visual Effect Graph Samples. Download it here:

Create advanced visual effects in VFX Graph: A portal effect | Tutorial - See how to make a dynamic portal effect with sparks in VFX Graph – inspired by some of our favorite movie wizardry. The video covers steps including adding noise, physics, and randomness to show the general workflow of creating a simulation. The demo uses the portal assets from the free Visual Effect Graph Samples. Download it here:

I Made a Game Entirely Within a Shader (almost) | Game Dev Challenge - I love working on shaders, it's my favourite part of developing Farewell North, but there's so much more that goes into a game. Does there have to be though? Let's see if we can make an entire game inside of a single fragment shader, and if not, how close can we get?
Kyle Banks // Farewell North


Blender For Games And Animation Book Bundle
Blender For Games And Animation Book Bundle - Learn to create 3D characters and worlds

Master the creative power of the free, open-source Blender with this bundle of ebooks for 3D artists and developers! Get started making characters, environments, and animations with Blender For Dummies. Familiarize yourself with modeling, materials, lighting, painting, and more in Introduction to Blender 3.0.

Dig into the source code with Core Blender Development and more, and help support the charity of your choice with your purchase.
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Learn To Create Game Art In Blender 2022 - Create amazing game art, assets & 3D models with these best-selling courses.
Learn 3D modeling and animation with Blender and teach yourself the digital art skills you need to make games today with this set of hands-on courses from! Start with the Complete Blender Creator Course to build a foundation, and hone your technique with specialized courses in sculpting characters for games, building 3D worlds, painting textures, and much more.
Plus, your purchase will support SpecialEffect!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Core RPG? - A framework that want to simplify creation of RPG games but still provide flexibility, making it easy make any type of game with included functionality. If the game you want to make is not possible out of the box, it will be very easy to extend.
delmarle Open Source

Dialogue Manager - An RPG styled UI dialogue manager. Supports multiple lines of text, NPC portraits and option buttons.
Jason-Skillman Open Source

Vertex Animation - A vertex animation baking tool, shaders, and animation system for Unity DOTS/ECS. Render tens of thousands of models at the same time each with its own animation state.
maxartz15 Open Source

Unity-Native-Sharing - Unity-Native-Sharing is a plugin to open native sharing dialogs on iOS and Android.
NicholasSheehan Open Source

CustomizationInspector - Customize Unity3D inspector by attribute(such as Button, ReadOnly, HideIf etc.) and serializable dictionary.
Mr-sB Open Source

MonoManifold - Geometry processing library on Unity, specially focusing on differencial geometry.
komietty Open Source

Broccollie - Broccollie is a Untiy package for game development. It is a package filled with essential game features like UI Component, Save System, Scene Loader and so much more.
hyunwookimbob Open Source

Offering Copyright Free Music (CC BY 4.0) - Orchestral/Hybrid Epic Music - I started writing tracks a few months ago for my YouTube channel and have decided after a few people approached me that I want to make the music available to anyone who would like to use in their own projects. [Link to tracks]

PhotonSerializer - Custom Type Serializer For Photon(PUN2), Unity.
MS-LIMA Open Source

extDebug - Debug Tools for Unity - extDebug are tools for easy development and testing of games on Unity.
Iam1337 Open Source

NSprites - Unity DOTS Sprite Rendering Package - This framework provides sprite rendering system compatible with Entities package (unity ECS).
Antoshidza Open Source

UnityTimelineTools - Unity Plugin that adds the features to timeline.
snaphat Open Source

Raymarching-Engine-Unity - A raymarching engine for Unity that supports 25+ primitives and various operations.
aniketrajnish Open Source

NightPool - Fast object pool for Unity.
MeeXaSiK Open Source

MonoCache - MonoCache is a Fast Update Optimization-Caching Framework for Unity.
MeeXaSiK Open Source


Garden Galaxy
Garden Galaxy - Discover, collect and organise to create your own unique garden in this relaxing idle / creative sandbox!

[Releasing on Dec 14, 2022 you can get the game on Steam, and follow them on Twitter]
Anneka Tran

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