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Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev
Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev

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Game Dev Digest — Issue #125 - How To Boost Your Visuals

Issue #125 - How To Boost Your Visuals

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Issue #125 - How To Boost Your Visuals

Check out some great ways to improve your visuals, plus plenty more. Enjoy!

PixCap: Developing a Cloud-Based 3D Animation Platform - PixCap's CEO and Founder CJ Looi has shared some behind-the-scenes info about PixCap, an innovative, cloud-based 3D animation platform that allows users to create 3D animations in the browser.

Drawing with SDFs in Unity - This post will explore 2D SDFs in Unity. We’ll learn what SDFs are and see one way to draw them in Unity.
Bronson Zgeb

Speed up your productivity with the Unity Hub - Creativity starts in the Unity Hub, where you can explore all that Unity has to offer for real-time 3D creation. Read on to learn what’s new.

How to unit test a class that uses static API - Unit tests validate code in isolation, but if it uses statics you cannot mock this dependency, therefore a subject under test cannot be properly isolated and unit tested. This trick makes the code testable, as well as introduces an important principle that improves your architecture by making it cleaner and more flexible.

The latest in Search: Unity 2021.2 - Search has substantially transformed this past year. From the Quick Search package, focused on finding Unity objects by name, to the Core Search workflow with detailed criteria that allows you to save searches, review items, and use a LINQ-like language to create complex queries, it’s time to experience the latest.

Tweening Animations in Unity with LeanTween - Learn how to use LeanTween to animate the User Interface and various GameObjects in Unity 3D by creating a Breakout game clone.

Overlay visuals for live-streamed events using Unity Engine - my idea was to make a 3D Calder-esque mobile that would appear to be hanging above the players on the stage. The elements of the mobile would be a mix of what looked like LED video panels and light orbs. It would slowly turn as mobiles do.

Unity 2022.1.0 Beta 4 - Unity 2022.1.0 Beta 4 has been released.


Metroid Dread's Speed Booster | Mix and Jam
Metroid Dread's Speed Booster | Mix and Jam - This project is a take on the Super Booster ability from the Metroid games, and this version is inspired by the latest game of the franchise: Metroid Dread! This video showcases my journey to explore game dev techniques and try to achieve a similar mechanic using Unity!
Mix and Jam

First Person Controller - Using Doors (EP12) [Unity Tutorial] - In this video I'm going to show you the best way to implement doors into a game, we're going to make them do a few things:
Comp-3 Interactive

Unity URP Tutorial - Volumetric Raymarching Cloud Shader - Watch me stumble through and explain how I made this raymarched volume shader! Probably should watch this at x2 speed!

How to create screen wrap in Unity 2021 - In this video I want to show you how we can deal with screen bounds in Unity in a 2d game by creating a screen wrap effect like in the old-school Asteroids game.
Sunny Valley Studio


Game Dev Humble Bundles
Game Dev Humble Bundles - Game dev related bundles ending in just a few days! Get them before they are gone, includig:

Learn To Create Game Art In Blender
A complete set of game art courses. Learn 3D modeling and animation with Blender, discover how to create characters and environments, and teach yourself the digital art skills you need to make games today with this set of hands-on courses from! Get the Complete Blender Creator Course to build a foundation, and work on specialized techniques with Blender Character Creator Course and Complete Drawing Course. Plus, your purchase will support Women in Games International!

Big Music Bundle 2
Soundtracks to score every project. Score your games, films, and video projects with this mega-size bundle of royalty-free music! Dial up the drama with a collection of orchestral tracks. Punch up your action with thundering rock loops. Add atmosphere to your horror game, and find the right melody and style to accompany any genre, scene, and situation. Plus, your purchase will support JDRF, Cancer Research UK, and a charity of your choice!

Game Dev GUI Goodness
Ready-made UI assets for any kind of game. Building an indie game on your own or with a small team? This bundle of high-quality UI art and assets crafted by talented creators from around the world will bring your project to the next level. Whether you’re going simple or steampunk, sci-fi or fantasy, or need a collection of pixel art icons, you’ll find $687 worth of interface elements to suit your needs. Plus, your purchase will support HFC and Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research!

Biggest Graphics Ever Bundle 2
A hyper-handy toolkit for designers. Expand your graphics palette with this mega-sized bundle of brushes, actions, effects, and other digital artists’ tools from Eldamar Studio! Take your photos to the next level with thousands of professional LUTs and overlays, get specialized graphic design bundles for everything from comics to Christmastime, and lots more. Plus, your purchase will support Save the Children!
Humble Bundle

Owl and Jackalope UX - Owl and Jackalope UX is a simple data binding and UX prototyping tool designed to make iterating on UI screens without needing to write code to back up the original models. It also includes several quality of life features intended to make reusing data models and UX states easier.
AnonyBob Open Source

GenUI - Automatic OSC Control for Unity This plugins allows you to simply create a UI for your application, exposing script sliders, inputfield and method. This UI is also fully controllable via OSC.
Theoriz Open Source

Rosalina - Experimenting code generation with Unity's UXML for generating powerful UI Elements code behind. Rosalina watches your changes related to all .uxml files, parses its content and generates the according C# code based on the element's names.
Eastrall *Open Source

Genesis - Genesis is a general-purpose, plugin-extensible code generation framework for Unity.
Genesis is architected as a .Net Core console application that leverages Roslyn code analysis to inspect a target C# codebase and generate code files where developers can build custom code generators via an extensible plugin framework. While Genesis v2 is largely engine-agnostic, it has a first-class integration into the Unity game engine.
jeffcampbellmakesgames Open Source

Hierarchy Decorator - Lightweight Unity Plugin transforming the Hierarchy into what it should be. Adds headers, styles, icons and more.
WooshiiDev Open Source

Unity ASM Explorer Package - A fun little package for Unity that provides a rudimentary webinterface to explore your types and look at the assembly code generated by the JIT compiler, plus a sampling profiler.
sschoener Open Source

Unity MetaBalls Liquids - A simple liquid simulation using MetaBalls.
The basic MetaBalls are balls moving by simple math functions, good to quickly test the concepts but not easy to use right away.
Nesh108 Open Source

uSource - uSource is a plugin for importing MDL / BSP / VMT / VTF and etc... resources to Unity!
DeadZoneLuna Open Source

unity-utils - Different help scripts for Unity engine, includig Random util, helpful RectTrasform extensions, and more.
nubick Open Source

Toolnity - Toolnity is a bunch of Editor Tools and Gameplay Utilities for Unity.
DTeruel Open Source


Siege The Day
Siege The Day - Siege the day is a Turn-Based combat castle builder game where you have to build your own castle and fight against other players using the military equipment that you added to it. Each item that you add to your castle will cost you points which you have a limited pool of. Make sure to spend it wisely and build the masterpiece.
Hidden Tower Studios

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