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Day 53 of 100 Days of Code & Scrum: Finished First Prototype of my Business Page

Good day, everyone!

I finally finished deploying my business website prototype.

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It's nothing amazing, and it is only the homepage so far. I am pretty happy with the color scheme and the functional e-mail contact form, and I think it contains the necessary information for clients to interact with me. I will most likely move on to my personal blog, unless there are urgent bugs that need fixing.

Anyway, let's move on to my daily report!


I did the initial set up on Netlify deployment for my business website, but it didn't work out because of incompatibility with next/image.


Here are the things I learned and worked on today:

Company Website

  • decided to deploy it to Vercel instead of Netlify, because it natively supports Image Optimization.
  • fixed production bugs with AWS API Gateway CORS (I didn't add the domain address to the allowed list).
  • add custom Error 404 page.
  • replace favicon image with the company logo.
  • add optimized link tag for Google fonts.
  • fixed missing image placeholders.
  • remove unnecessary files.


  • I did some practice flashcards for Scrum.
  • reviewed some of the things I've learned before.

Thank you for reading! I hope everyone's doing well.

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This is not a guide, it is just me sharing my experiences and learnings. This post only expresses my thoughts and opinions (based on my limited knowledge) and is in no way a substitute for actual references. If I ever make a mistake or if you disagree, I would appreciate corrections in the comments!

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David Alonso

The design is beautiful.

rammina profile image

Thank you! I also saw the e-mails you sent through the page.
I'm thinking about adding anti-spam and stricter validations.