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Day 20 of 100 Days of Code & Scrum: Fake Agile, Scrum Comics & Free E-Book?

Good day, everyone!

My physical therapy session got rescheduled to today, so I couldn't be as productive. However, I did find this really nice resource for Scrum!

Scrum Comics Intro

I found these Scrum Comics talking about how pretending to follow Scrum is not going to make a company Agile. It was really an interesting read, and I learned a lot about common mistakes of Product Owner role assignment as well as inefficient structures of larger companies that failed to implement Scrum.

Anyway, moving on to my daily report!


I learned about case scenarios user stories are not suitable for. I also reviewed about what happens when a Sprint is canceled as well as the three pillars of Scrum.


Here are the things I learned and worked on today:


  • I read Why Scrum Isn't Making Your Company Very Agile.
  • a Product Owner is different from a "Team Output Owner."
  • a Product Owner should be more like an entrepreneur that is focused on business objectives rather than just one team's objectives.
  • it is best for businesses to only have one Product Owner for a product so that the PO has authority over the entire Product Backlog.
  • a single Product Owner also increases the transparency of the Product Backlog and promotes empiricism.
  • in larger businesses that are not Agile, developer teams are not in touch with clients.
  • finished my practice flashcards for Scrum (need to switch to another resource).

I wish everyone the best!

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This is not a guide, it is just me sharing my experiences and learnings. This post only expresses my thoughts and opinions (based on my limited knowledge) and is in no way a substitute for actual references. If I ever make a mistake or if you disagree, I would appreciate corrections in the comments!

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