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Day 39 of 100 Days of Code & Scrum: objectFit Cover In Next.js Images

Hello there, everyone!

Like every Tuesday, I had to visit my physical therapist. It's a bit unfortunate that I couldn't work on much today, but I managed to get a good amount of work done.

I was mostly working on the services and portfolio sections of my homepage.

Anyway, let's move on to my daily report!


I worked on my services section yesterday, in which I finished the skeleton layout for mobile.


Here are the things I learned and worked on today:


  • coded my services and portfolio sections for the homepage.
  • skeletons are mostly there, but design is temporary and will be improved.

EDIT: Apparently, Next.js <Image /> has objectFit="cover" as an attribute, which is helpful in making images more responsive by retaining aspect ratio is much as possible.


  • I'm reading some resources on on my downtime.
  • I did some practice flashcards for Scrum.
  • reviewed some of the things I've learned before.

Have a great start to your week, everyone!

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This is not a guide, it is just me sharing my experiences and learnings. This post only expresses my thoughts and opinions (based on my limited knowledge) and is in no way a substitute for actual references. If I ever make a mistake or if you disagree, I would appreciate corrections in the comments!

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