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100 Days of Code and Scrum: A New Challenge

I've been contemplating doing this for a while now, but I finally decided to start a 100 days of code challenge, but with a twist: I need to learn Scrum as well!

So what are the rules?

I'm following the same rules like the one from that website, but with additional conditions:

  • I also need to learn Scrum every day.
  • I have to post daily standups/Scrum to keep track of my daily progress and learnings, as well as any impediments/struggles.
  • Every start of the week, I must declare my Sprint Goal(s)
  • Every end of the week, I need to post a weekly Sprint Retrospective discussing:
    • things I've accomplished
    • my learnings
    • mistakes I've made
    • actions for improvement in the future
    • I would have to summarize what happened in the 100 days of the challenge after I've finished it, most likely in a detailed blog post.

You keep saying "Scrum." What is that?

Scrum is a software development methodology/management framework typically used by development teams.

It is lightweight, and assists people, teams and organizations produce value by using adaptive solutions for complex problems.

Here is a good introduction to Agile and Scrum by Jim Medlock of Chingu. I recommend giving that a read.

Why am I including Scrum?

  • I'm studying for the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) certification, so I may as well kill two birds with one stone.
  • Scrum is a highly adaptive, focused management framework that emphasizes delivering results and using feedback to improve something.
  • Scrum's core values of commitment, courage, focus, openness, and respect align well with the 100daysofcode challenge and my own philosophies.
  • Based on my experience, it's more motivating to code or work when I follow a software development methodology/management framework.

Daily Standup Format

To make things simpler for me, I'm going to write a post every day following this format:

Yesterday, I...
Today, I... 
I'm having a difficulty with... (optional)
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This follows the daily standup (Daily Scrum) format that a Scrum team would do every day.

Weekly Retrospective Compilation

Here are the weekly retrospectives I've done so far. Feel free to check out these highlights!

Things I've Achieved in the Challenge

I need to show proof that I actually did something so here they are:

Closing Remarks

I'm looking forward to the challenge of committing to this learning/self-improvement plan. I hope the experiences I share with all of you are helpful and insightful.

Anyone is encouraged to join me anytime in this learning journey. I'm eager to make friends with other developers and to expand my network. Feel free to comment and/or DM me if you'd like!

UPDATE: I finished the challenge by the way!

Other Media

Feel free to reach out to me in other media!

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Top comments (7)

sayasyedakmal profile image
Syed Akmal

I am in similar situation as you. Currently learning Agile and web development at the same time. But not quite committed due to life issue. However, your post insipired me to be more committed and write the progress daily and weekly. Keep rocking! And wish you great success. Good luck!

rammina profile image

I'm glad to hear that! Just take small steps each day and be better than the you of yesterday.

I try my best not to beat myself up for being slowed down by life issues because a lot of them are not in my control.

Good luck to you as well!

sadiejay profile image

I was inspired by your post to write up a dev post on my new 100daysofcode journey! Your daily/weekly template makes the writing process feel less daunting!

Congrats on making it to the home stretch! :)

rammina profile image

Thank you! I appreciate the support.
And yeah, the Scrum daily standup template makes things a lot easier to think about and gives some structure towards progression.

Good luck with your challenge as well, and I wish you the best!

marcewhocode profile image
March V.

I'm starting my journey, learning to code, already a scrum master with almost no experience. I'm very inspired right now by your post. I'm starting with Azure DevOps, then SQL... then we'll see... thank you for your posts!

vibalijoshi profile image

Wow this seems really cool! Would love to take this up with you 🤩

rammina profile image

Hello there!

Feel free to comment on my daily standups/posts and share your learnings with us! There is no gatekeeping here, anyone can join.