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What Qualities Do You Seek in Your Work Environment?

Hey new coders, we all know that the right work environment can greatly impact our learning and development. Let's discuss the qualities we appreciate in a supportive and nurturing workplace. What kind of atmosphere, team dynamics, or management style do you believe can help us flourish as new coders?

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Jean-Michel (double agent)

That book cover is a perfect summary

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Dimitrios Desyllas

Code more, be the best, give 100%.
What I found so far is: I hafta pull the boat by myself, why have manager if I hafta do by myself.

Seriously I am thinking to make my own business because no one will teach me I have to learn by myself.

Sloan, the sloth mascot
Comment deleted
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Alex Lohr
  • Devs should be recognized as the professionals they are and thus not be micro-managed
  • Teams should organize themselves
  • Team members should choose their own mode of work
  • Management is there to provide a goal, not a vision (attempts to provide a vision from top down are usually doomed)
  • People can avoid wasting time in meetings and other needless administrivialities
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Rachel Fazio

I tend to prioritize teamwork and trust in others! It can be hard to have one without the other, but having a team that is also optimistic and believes in the product they are creating is super helpful in driving morale of the team!