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What's an Achievement You Were Initially Nervous to Share?

We all have moments of doubt, even when achieving something significant. Describe a coding accomplishment you were hesitant to share but ended up being proud of. How did you celebrate that achievement?

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nlxdodge profile image

Saying that I Achievement anything in the first place.

I just got a raise out of nowhere from my boss for example. But I would think: "Ah that's to counter the inflation most likely, else they wouldn't just give it to me without even talking to me in the first place.".

So to me it doesn't feel like an Achievement. But my parents think otherwise, they almost grab some champagne to celebrate...

theaccordance profile image
Joe Mainwaring

Slightly off topic but my cancer diagnosis was difficult to talk about in public for several months, so I kept those early treatment milestones to myself.

These days, I'm open and honest about the sh🤬tty hand I was dealt but I play it well, and serve as inspiration for others going through a similar challenge.

manchicken profile image
Mike Stemle • Edited

I was able to demonstrate a massive security flaw in a work product one time. It was a while ago, but I was afraid to share it with colleagues because I expected that folks would see my test as misconduct. Some of them did. My boss at the time did.

It was a marvelous hack, though, and I'm still pretty proud of it. It defeated all of the defenses that my employer thought would protect them from such attacks. It resulted in reluctant change that was difficult, but overall it made the system better and safer for users.

I celebrated the achievement by going out to dinner with colleagues to show them the program I wrote which launched the hack. They were all very supportive.

kiranmantha profile image
Kiran Mantha

sharing to the community that i created a javascript framework on my own

vsaulis profile image
Vladas Saulis

Javascript Parallel Machine. (It's a long topic to discuss here).