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Good Morning, World! ☕️ What’s Your Routine?

What's the first thing you do when you sit down at your desk in the morning? ☀️ (or night 🌛, or whenever you like to work).

Do you check your email? Dive straight into your work? Or take a moment to plan out your day? Maybe you do some deep breathing, check your word-a-day calendar, or pick out a music mix to get you going.

Share your morning routine with us in the comments! Let's get motivated and tackle this week together! 💪🏼

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Russell Jones

Coffee. C₂₁H₃₀O₂. PS4.

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leob • Edited

Goes somewhat like this:

  • take coffee
  • check mail
  • feed the cats, feed the goldfish, water the plants
  • check
  • more coffee
  • check news sites
  • take lunch
  • again do the cats, the goldfish, and the plants
  • go out cycling
  • take beer and a light dinner
  • coffee again
  • cats/goldfish/plants again
  • contemplate the possibility of doing some work
  • potentially do some actual work
  • browse the internet
  • sleep
  • lather, rinse, repeat :-D
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Good morning, let me tell you about my morning routine. First things first, I wake up and have a nourishing breakfast to fuel me for the day ahead. Then, I like to unwind a little by watching a series for about 20 minutes. If it's a longer series, like one of those HBO productions, I might split the episode in half to watch later.

Next, I freshen up with a nice shower and take a leisurely walk to the office. It's always enjoyable to get some fresh air and stretch my legs before starting work. Once I arrive at the office, I wash my face and settle in for the day.

Before diving into work, I like to check my email and Microsoft Teams to see if any messages came in while I was away. I also like to stay informed by quickly scanning the headlines from a few newspapers. Once I'm up to date, it's time to get cracking on my tasks in Jira. I'll start by checking where I left off and planning my next steps.

Overall, I find this routine helps me feel relaxed and prepared for the day ahead

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It used to be get up -> straight away to my laptop, get to work. I plan things out as I go , between breaks, on things that need to be done that day. Lately I'm checking my emails first, seeing if I'm getting back any news I've been waiting for before I get to work.

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I am certainly a creature of habit, so I try and do the exact same thing every morning:

  • Wake up
  • Feed the dogs
  • Walk the dogs
  • (Every other day) Get the eggs from the chickens
  • Eat breakfast (which is always 2 packets of oatmeal with milk instead of water)
  • Watch a Neetcode while I eat
  • Make my bed

This is where the consistency ends, and while I still have a general schedule, I normally do things in a different order

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It goes like this:

  • Wake up
  • 10mn Stretch
  • Shower
  • Prepare for work
  • Breakfast
  • Check
  • Email
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My routine is:

stare at alarm clock
feed cat
watch news (which I have just read about)
more coffee
contemplate run

now day has officially begun.