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Building Allies: How Can You Support Queer Colleagues in the Workplace?

As allies and colleagues, what can we do to show active support and advocacy in the workplace? Share your ideas on creating an inclusive environment, offering support, and amplifying queer voices.

We kindly ask you to join the discussion with kindness, respect, and open-mindedness. Every voice matters, so let's make sure everyone feels welcomed and valued. Together, we can build an amazing community where everyone can freely express their thoughts and experiences. Let's create an awesome and inclusive space! ❤️

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Heather Williams

Speak out against people making inappropriate jokes and speak out against people making any sort of phobic comment (trans, gay, racial, sexual, etc). This helps create a safe environment where bigots and prejudiced people are not welcome. It really helps if management supports this too.

A simple: I did not get your joke, can you please explain it can go a long way in making a difference.

Sloan, the sloth mascot
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darkwiiplayer profile image
𒎏Wii 🏳️‍⚧️

A (sarcastic) list of my favourites:

  • Be sure to have an opinion on Queer people, and make sure everyone in the office knows that.
  • Complain about Queer people getting too much attention whenever you think there's none around to hear you. Remember that non-queers won't be offended by this.
  • Enforce gender norms in subtle ways, like by pointing out anything that goes against gender norms and how "It's okay for men/women to do/wear that".
  • Mention how you support the gays and make it clear that your only problem is with how there's rainbows everywhere.
  • Assume anyone is allocishet until proven otherwise. If they don't cover themselves in rainbows, it's safe to just assume they're not queer.
  • Avoid misinformation by avoiding information. Trust your instinct on queer issues. If something doesn't feel problematic to you, it probably isn't.
  • Ask trans people about their genitals.
  • Ask cis gay people about their genitals.
  • Hell, ask anyone about their genitals.
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Rachel Fazio

Share your pronouns so other folks feel comfortable sharing theirs!

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