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What Was Your Toughest Coding Concept and How Did You Conquer It?

We all encounter hurdles along our coding journey, but it's the triumphs that make us grow. What coding concept once posed a significant challenge for you, and how did you ultimately overcome it? Share your story and the strategies you employed to conquer the coding mountain!

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Tobias Nickel

OOP, it seems so simple, but has so many pitfalls, that just coding aka procedural programming is much easier to grasp and code easier to understand.

it was just last year, that I learned how to produce erfectly "clean" code still following a procedural mindset. It might not help me to embrace the concepts, but find it easier to get along in our profession.

theaccordance profile image
Joe Mainwaring

CSS was difficult concept to wrap my head around back in the early 2000s. I'm slightly embarrassed to share it, but I was 19 at the time with some basic HTML skills

lexlohr profile image
Alex Lohr

There were a lot hard concepts to grasp, like inheritance, regular expressions, iterators and generators, asynchronous code, and so on, but the paradigm I struggled with most was to write code for other people to read, because there are so many of them, with different points of view and levels of understanding.

lexiebkm profile image
Alexander B.K.

When I read Template the 1st time when learning C++ several years ago, uh... it was really difficult that I stopped learning.
But when I read Generics (similar concept as template in C++) in C#, then I found it was not difficult to understand. This helped boost my confidence to conquer Generics in Java (still learning, but suspending, though) and Go aka Golang.

Closure in Javascript is not an easy thing to understand, either.

Some concepts in Laravel : facade, dependency injection, service container, service provider were difficult to understand when I encountered them the 1st time. Only by reading these topics about 3 times in the documentation, I finally understood them fairly well.

Thunk in Redux ... now I forget what it is :)

glazey132 profile image
Alex G

Redux concepts and clean implementation of it. there are so many pieces that it's something I can never memorize. I'll always have to look at documentation when working with Redux.

Also, javascript inheritance is tough. the concept of this was also difficult when i was a beginner.

For all of these, you just need to keep at it and try to hear a different perspective on it. there's always going to be that teacher for a specific concept that just makes it click for you. just gotta keep turning it over in your brain and try to learn about it from different angles.

tumorb9 profile image
Mohammed Hamza (Horse Radish)

serverless , and containers I mean its like code , no dependency , no infrastructure, and system , .
till now I
m trying to understand the concept .
maybe I`m rushing a little bit .

kurealnum profile image

The ability to be solving a interview style problem, and being able to look at your current white boarded solution and decide "Nope, I'm scrapping this, there's a better way to do it". Also REACTO in itself.

Still haven't figured that out 😅

kalkwst profile image
Kostas Kalafatis

Pointers in C. Still can't understand them 🤔🤔🤔

chadriebe profile image
Chad Riebe

Great post!

gabrielxx6 profile image

Everything is difficult for me right now.

lexiebkm profile image
Alexander B.K.

The right use of goroutine, channel, mutex in Go aka Golang. I still cannot understand in some code why one operation runs before the other using goroutine.