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First Code Crush: Which Language Feels Like Home?

We all have that one language that just clicks. Which language are you naturally drawn to for your projects? Share your stories and what makes it your comfort go-to!

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Ben Sinclair

I have sentimental feelings for a couple of languages.

C feels "like home" in that it was the first language I really started making actual things in. Even though I'd have to look up practically everything if I tried to write something nowadays.

But honestly, it's going to be Tandy Color BASIC which is the first thing I wrote anything in after my ZX81 days.

It was a weirdly nice and friendly interface, and I sometimes read old computer listings for the nostalgias. Feels like visiting my childhood.

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Zx81😱😗 you like a founding father ? Awesome stuff!

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Ben Sinclair

Hopefully everyone gets a chance at being old :)

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yes. I'm honoured. I will be blessed to get as much wisdom out of you as I possibly can.

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Francis Enechukwu🇳🇬🇨🇦

I think 🤔 my first crush was Javascript😘. And now, we are married to each other💏.
So, I feel more than at home with it even though it gives me a tough time😥.
Apart from that, I feel at home with JavaScript. 🙂

Happy Coding🤓

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Ben Halpern

Ruby clicked for me, and I'm still going strong.

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Olga Braginskaya

I've started from C++ many years ago, worked with Java but now it's definitely Python and maybe a bit of Go in some cases

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Calin Baenen


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Lakin Mohapatra

I started my career with PHP. And every time i work with it , it feels like home

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sahra 💫

JavaScript feels so much like home for me.

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Juanjo Salvador

My very first true love was Python <3

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James Cooper

F#. For me, the question is "Why not F#?", rather than "What language should I use?"

Of course, there might be times where F# isn't the most suitable/right language, but it's certainly my default choice.

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It’s JS for me. It's the one language I don’t know much of but one I know a lot more than most of. And I can get it going and get things done with and I guess it’s the language I use as a comparison as I am now learning python php and other frame works which are like new languages to me. That’s how it’s like a home language.

As a matter of fact if I had a choice I wouldn’t learn all these other languages. But industrial circumstances I guess insist that I do.
But I love JS.

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Renan Ferro

Absolutely Angular, I had my first experience with it just 3 years ago and since then I'm only more sure that it's my language to follow my life!

With Angular I feel able and comfortable to create any application 🥹

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I started out with Java and I still love it. I've experimented with many languages, but Java is the one that just 'clicked' for me.

Recently, I've also started adopting Go; it's a nice refreshment from Java's admittedly verbose take on many paradigms. I think both are a good mix to know.

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Arjun Vijay Prakash

JavaScript for sure!

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Absolutely Javascript.

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Rasheed K Mozaffar

C# is the one to go for me, I've experimented with TypeScript and Python, but C# was always the go to after a few days, it really feels like home, and been enjoying it since day 0 🙏