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What Difficulties Do You Expect to Encounter As You Pursue a Career in Coding?

Entering the world of coding can come with its own set of challenges. One challenge is the constantly evolving nature of technology and the need to continuously learn and adapt to new programming languages, frameworks, and tools.

Another challenge could be the complexity of certain projects, which may require a high level of technical expertise and problem-solving skills.

Communication and teamwork can also be challenging in a career in coding, especially when working on large projects with multiple team members.

Last but not least, imposter syndrome is real!

Are these things that resonate with you? What other challenges do you anticipate facing as you explore a career in coding, and how do you plan to overcome them?

Let's help each other navigate the coding world and overcome any obstacles we may encounter!

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Calin Baenen

Well, I want to make a game, RuntDeale, and LexRs.

With LexRs I have to expect the many situations that could arrive from IntransitiveEqualities, as the fact equality is sometimes not double-sided is integral to the structure of the library.
I must also figure out how to overcome type boundaries, allowing for types to be more heterogeneous than a low effort attempt at trying to make the system work.

For RuntDeale, I have to figure out how to effectively use and modularize ECS code using Bevy.
From what I have learned, or at least the knowledge I have retained from the last version I used, 0.8, I can say the way Plugins, systems, etc... work is interesting and seems promising to me.

leob profile image

Fear that my skills (development of which I've poured sweat and tears into) will be redundant in a few years from now, as ChatGPT or the like have usurped the vast majority of "coding" work?

Being a little bit flippant here, but with a grain of truth in it - I'd like to make the point that people shouldn't seek a career being "coders", but being "problem solvers" - as the latter will be sustainable for a long time into the future, long after "coding" has largely fallen by the wayside.

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Michael Otu

How do I know I am there and how do I make apply and get jobs (or join a team)... Things like that as you, as questions that may flood your head.. for me, it did...

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Dumte Nwidoobee Joshua

Time factor is the most important challenge.