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Exploring New Languages & Tools: What's on Your List?

As a developer, there are always new programming languages and tools to explore. What are some languages or tools that you're curious about but haven't had the chance to use yet?

Let's share our programming wish lists and maybe inspire each other to try something new!

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cjsmocjsmo profile image
Charlie J Smotherman

Been exploring how to write and deploy a website entirely in Rust

Yew for the frontend. If you have used svelte or nextjs, you will feel right at home using yew components.

Tauri for the backend.

Diesel with Postgresql, mysql, or sqlite for data persistence.

Wasm, this is the way!

Happy Codding Everyone

taijidude profile image

Go, Rust, Open Ai API with Python

pinotattari profile image
Riccardo Bernardini

SPARK, the subset of Ada suitable for formal proving. I played with it for a while, but I would like to get more acquainted with it.

cereal84 profile image
Alessandro Pischedda

Maybe Dart and Zig

nlxdodge profile image

Kotlin, but I am getting more interested in Rust. Even more when I heard that sudo was going to be replaced and that Windows is even re-writing code with Rust now.

raywp profile image
Raymond Wangsa Putra

Rust, Ruby, Golang.