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Teamwork or Solo Development: Which Do You Prefer?

Working with a team can bring diverse perspectives and a sense of camaraderie, while working solo can give you the freedom to make all the decisions and work at your own pace. So are you a lone wolf or a team player? Or do you prefer to mix it up?

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hi_iam_chris profile image
Kristijan Pajtasev

It depends on the project, but i'll try to set it like this, too many hands on the keyboard is the crowd, but projects are rarely solo effort. Too many things and one person rarely can cover all the areas.

frankfont profile image
Frank Font

There is a very cool technique called mobbing that can scale up to a dozen people collaborating realtime on a single program -- but there is only one keyboard and only one hand on it at a time.

star-codex profile image

I did mob programming at coding school and it was super slow and annoying. Not a fan of it, I find real time editing for everybody on voice call is way better.

susyzee profile image

Teamwork.... I like to see different ideas, and maybe put them all together in a project. I also love advice, like if someone can tell me what to improve, and even tell me the mistakes i've made.. i always look for second, third and fourth opinions!!! 😂😂😂

ant_f_dev profile image
Anthony Fung

It depends how extreme you go. My favourite project was when I was building something in a team of three. I primarily worked on the backend API (though I was learning modern frontend technologies at the time to do full-stack). The other two team members were primarily frontend.

We worked as a team in that we helped each other out with learning/coding problems. We had stand-ups each morning to co-ordinate work and sprint plannings/retrospectives. And we did demos to Product Management as a team too.

While we would work on our own individual tasks solo (unless we wanted help), we all worked towards building a product. (I'd also ask other backend developers outside of that team to PR my code).

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

It depends how extreme you go

Good call

ninadingole profile image
Neenad Ingole

It depends on case to case basis. When working on a critical piece of work I prefer doing pairing, this makes the context sharing with multiple people within team thus the knowledge is shared. However, where things are repetitive and could be easily managed on my own I will work solo

mergerg profile image

I'm more likely to work on my own, but finding a community generally makes me more creative and more motivated and productive. E.g. I've been doing a lot since I found FreeSewing, whether it be contributing to the project or coming up with my own ideas adjacent to it.

wesleywerner profile image

Peer reviews and having a colleague to bounce ideas off makes for a diverse team, no doubt. However team collaboration should not be confused with training activities such as pair programming. Those facilitate knowledge transfer well, but offer little in terms of self discovery and growth.

devarzia profile image
Devarzia Barkins

I’ve always found myself being more productive when I have a team around me. Being able to work on tasks and projects on an individual basis within a team is ideal for me.

You get to learn more from other people as well, in my opinion

trpricesoftware profile image
Taylor R Price

As has been said "It Depends". My normal workflow is to work with the team and the customer to nail down requirements and strategy for meeting the requirements. From there I like to go hide and hone my understanding of the requirements and strategies then start coding. Then I come out of my hiding place to ask questions, get code reviews, update strategy, etc.

nagkumar profile image
Raja Nagendra Kumar

Teamwork that leads to safe future solo work

i.e need team work to isolate work that proves abilities of teams to deliver faster with good architecture and design in place..

ugbabeog profile image

👋 for now I prefer working in a team for the shared experience and diverse perspective
As a newbie it makes working easier

fpsd profile image

I prefer both!

I love pairing sessions with my colleagues, discussing design decisions and implementation details, sometimes it is not easy to come to an agreement and I've learned to let it go when both solutions are not that different, to move forward with the problem at hand.

A the same time I enjoy focusing on a specific task alone, especially when trying something new, requiring many iterations to come to the final decision. It happened recently that I did not like too much the direction taken for a certain project but at the same time I did not have a clear idea on how to proceed. After a day of experiments I came out with a solution I liked a lot, and my colleagues too (fortunately!).

cubiclesocial profile image

So are you a lone wolf or a team player?


juanfrank77 profile image
Juan F Gonzalez

Prefer going the indie developer route now.

jenc profile image
Jen Chan

Teamwork everytime!

imjoseangel profile image
Jose Angel Munoz

Teamwork always. It is the best way to learn from others and to share experiences.