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What's Your Wildest Unfulfilled Coding Project Idea?

Got any coding project ideas that are totally out of the box? Share your wildest and most unconventional project concept that you've been itching to bring to life but haven't had the chance yet. Let's inspire each other with our creative and unconventional ideas!

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Matt Ellen • Edited

The reason I started coding was all my unfulfilled ideas.

When I was at university I was sure I would make the first Artificial General Intelligence. So that's probably the wildest. Just the shear overestimation of my skills and underestimation of the problem! I was reading psychology so it seemed like I'd be able to take what I was being taught and put it into a computer. I already knew how to programme, so it was the obvious next step.

These days I'm a lot more down to earth. I'd love to make a programming language, and an operating system built on that language. Nothing too ambitious!

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦 • Edited

Grocery Shopping Management Simulator.

Buy or rent property
Design the layout of your store and products
Management Inventory
Monitor and optimize store layout based on traffic of customers
Hire and manage employees
Creating deals and coupons to increase sales
Compete against neighbouring grocery stores

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Imam Ali Mustofa

I've worked on several projects that represent my ambitious dreams (because I couldn't afford to buy/pay for them) to create an htmlcsstoimage like the banners made by It was quite expensive for me, so I ended up creating a project called og-image-rest-generator. I'm really satisfied with the results because it can be used by everyone for free without any attribution required.

After that, I created REST Screenshoot, which is a free tool for capturing webpage screenshots through a REST API. It offers a simple and user-friendly endpoint URL for generating screenshots, and it's completely free!

That's the freestyle activity I engage in as a Punk/Storyteller and Software Freestyle Engineer. I also founded an organization on GitHub called Street Community Programmer, which serves as a playground for all the Punks and Storytellers worldwide who engage in daily freestyle and improvisation for their projects. We embrace unconventional methods and uniqueness, and I personally enjoy that aspect of it.

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Joe Mainwaring • Edited

A generic platform which would allow you to catalog collectibles (Legos, Funkos, Vinyl Records, Comics, sports memorbilia, etc), provide value assessments from various sources (ebay/amazon/walmart/etc) and assist you in listing your collectibles when you decide it's time to let them go.

I've found a few niche solutions - like Brick Economy for Legos but haven't come across a quality solution that extends into multiple categories

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James Eldridge

Games. I've always loved game dev and literally every aspect of it. I taught myself to code with that in mind and had the worst imposter syndrome but I found I love it. My wildest idea isn't necessarily anything Ground breaking but just the simple thought of being a successful solo dev.

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After playing Rayman 3 and even getting the sound cue "See you in Rayman 4" and never getting a Rayman 4. I always wanted to make a next iteration of the installment.

I studied at a Gamedevelopment school as well. But as a solo developer it's gonna take a lot of time to do something like this.

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Juan F Gonzalez

You can take more than inspiration for that looking up the creator of Stardew Valley.

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I had an idea for a massive API for substances and their chemical composition.

If you queried "cake", it should return flour, milk, eggs, and the organic compounds of which each ingredient is made of etc.

It's a crazy idea for me because of the scope, my total lack of chemical knowledge, and my laziness.

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Kote Isaev - #StandWithUkraine • Edited

I thought about making these "wildest" projects that never was finished to any fruition:

  • decentralized unbreakable elections system
  • universal knowledge database with an interface that would understand questions being asked. May be it sounds not impressive as general purpose AI, but this is most precise description.
  • a decentralized censorship-resistant system for supporting anarchic communities federation.
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Raymond Price

One that I've wanted to do for a bit is create an environmental rehabilitation game, like a more realistic and smaller-scale Terra Nil. The sort of thing where you don't have a magic river-digging torpedo, you have shovels.

I've also mostly implemented a queueing system that optimizes for the cost of the time people spend waiting, encouraging honesty by charging people who got served sooner than average and paying people who waited longer. I just need to finish the damn thing.

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Ryan Brown

I want to build a system to "solve" for various types of solutions... MetroidVania games.

Eg: Given an input of the map, how things are connected, the required pickups or flags to traverse zones, and where said pickups and flags are gotten. Optionally how long traversals should take and possibly player-skill levels.

All this should allow a system to determine the best courses of actions to accomplish the best for 100% completion, best time to finish (aka speed run), or combination of the two. A way to enable player skills or glitch flags that allow non-standard traversal (early pickups or skips or even just speedier traversal) would be nice too.

I have a prototype of a depth-first search for the 100% completion algo. It's slooooow given a sizable source map (I manually encoded the connections/requirements/pickups for Super Metroid)

Does this help anyone? Probably not. Is it needed? Looking at the speed runner community: nope, they've got the skills to not need a 100h run app to tell them what to do. Am I fascinated with the project? Yep. Do I work on it enough? Nope.

Enjoy/roast my idea!

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Nándor Holozsnyák

I would say this is not unusual but I've been thinking on to make some plugins for IntelliJ IDEA, but I've just never started any of them, I made a small back in 2017, but right now I would have a few ideas to implement, just need the motivation and time for it :D

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I really wanted to create a narrative writing tools with graph visualization and directly test the gameplay

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As a high school kid, I always used to think about how these day to day apps I am using or the entire world is using is being built although I didn't have much knowledge at that time but after coming to college and learning about full stack development I could actually build and have built a couple of such web apps as my projects and more to go. To be honest, the real reason of me learning new technologies is building my dream projects building which gives me a lot of learning and happiness and satisfaction on its successful deployment.
Also it makes me filled with happiness when my I show them to my peers and they give me some good reviews as well as some valuable feedback!

rachelfazio profile image
Rachel Fazio

In my mechanical engineering class in school I always wanted to make a machine to water my plants for me, still a great idea!

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Monty Harper

I'd like to make a different kind of calendar app. My mom has a kind of dementia that makes it impossible for her to understand time. A regular calendar doesn't mean anything to her. Nor do any of the dementia calendars out there. So I'm trying to design something that tracks time for a person with no concept of time.