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What Do Coders Have in Common? 😜

Are you a new coder? Or are you thinking about starting your coding journey? If so, you might be wondering what you have in common with other coders. First of all, coders share many traits:

  • Tendency to talk to their computers
  • Love of memes
  • Love of shortcuts and hacks

And new coders also share:

  • Excitement and curiosity about the world of programming. There’s so much to learn!
  • Persistence and determination. Learning to code can be challenging, but with the right mindset and resources, anyone can succeed.
  • And maybe most importantly, community! New coders often seek out community and support, and you’ve come to the right place. CodeNewbie on DEV can connect you to other coders on similar journeys and at varying stages of their careers. Joining discussions, participating in challenges and hackathons, and writing your own posts can be a great way to stay motivated and learn from others.

So if you're a new coder, know that you're not alone.
Weigh in in the comments! What other traits and attributes do coders share?

Okay, now here’s your meme:

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Top comments (7)

tqbit profile image
tq-bit • Edited

Do any of you guys have a rubber duck or smth you talk to?

I do have a duck plush. Often a better co-coder than ChatGPT.

Image description

maxart2501 profile image
Massimo Artizzu

That's not just a duck plushie. That's a Kurzgesagt duck plushie!

Love it!

arndom profile image
Nabil Alamin

I might be skewed but its probably introversion

aneeqakhan profile image
Aneeqa Khan

Love for caffeine drinks ☕️

maxart2501 profile image
Massimo Artizzu

What I have in common, let me see... Usually UI kit components, or utilities helpers, or- ohh, you did not mean the 'common' folder!

cubiclesocial profile image

My prerequisites to coding:

1) Own a computer.
2) Do you quote Spock-isms or do you quote Data-isms?

baenencalin profile image
Calin Baenen

They, collectively, are all mostly furries.