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New Language vs. Complex Requirements - What's Your Pick?

If given a choice, would you rather work on a coding project that demands you to learn a completely new programming language or one that allows you to stick with your favorite language but comes with complex requirements?

Join the conversation and let's unravel the trade-offs of these intriguing coding paths!

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Matt Ellen

I think I'd prefer to stick with my favourite language(s) and deal with complex requirements.

I, for sure, would be frustrated with the complexity to begin with. I would be sure that I could come up with more efficient ways of doing things, and perhaps I would be right about that some of the time, but once I had my head around the system, I'd like to hit the ground running.

Learning a new language is fun, but I prefer getting things done when I'm on the clock.

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I am already doing both at the same time, I am not 100% certified in Java yet, but banking is really difficult to understand. Normal people would say "It's just a bank account with some money right".
Oh boy I was wrong, and on top of that I had to learn most things (and I am still learning at the moment) in Java on the job. Code that others produce, I then need to approve in their PR. But if I don't know what it does I need to look it up or ask them.

Although I would like to learn some other language, I am trying to every year pick a new one, and do the advent of code to scratch that itch of learning a new language, without going fully overboard.

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Mr. Enthusiast

If I'm really good with specific language then I will go for complexity rather than learning new language, although if my favourite language doesn't suite project type (using Ruby for mobile apps for example) - I will good technology for that case instead (Kotlin for mobile apps for mobile app on Android).

I plan to learn general concepts of programming to make switching language more friendly for me, so that's why I wrote this answer. And I have a true tip for you: learn concepts not languages