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What's on Your Learning Agenda this Week?

It's self-improvement Sunday! So, let's talk about self-improvement and continuous learning. How do you approach this ongoing process? Are there specific strategies or habits that have helped you level up? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Also, as we kick off this week, what's one thing you're committed to learning or improving? Share your goals and let's support each other in this exciting journey of growth and development!

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Sujin S

Persistence and not giving up is the key for me. I only put in healthy amount of hours on things that I am trying to level-up on, this prevents me from getting burned-out soon.

So In this week I have planned to do DSA Q especially trees. Also I have to accommodate some flutter - UI specific projects on that too for a little change of pace.

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Samina Rahman Purba

Trying to learn mathematics for machine learning starting this week.

baenencalin profile image
Calin Baenen

Why the **** the borders on my buttons become translucent when they are :active; there's nowhere I can reliably get help anymore and it's driving me crazy.
(And there's plenty ov other CSS bugs too.)

kurealnum profile image

Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm. Just finished a few other graph algorithms, and I'm excited for this one!

alvesjessica profile image
Jessica Alves

Apache Airflow and a few Google Cloud concepts and services

alexnder394 profile image

Flexbox, Grid, and bootstrap.

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Bernard Baker

I always consider a newbie trail of self reflection. And I'm learning more about design patterns.

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Dan Bailey
  • Making massive headway on studying for my AZ-104 certification.
  • Learning more about integrating things like Tailwind/Autoprefixer/CSSMin.
  • Maybe, possibly, digging into some Typescript.
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Nerando Johnson
  • Updating Portfolio by completing adding tests to a side project.
  • Completing a portfolio project for FCC.
  • Renew mindset for job hunting and project building.