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If Coding Languages Were Ice Cream Flavors...?

Let's have some coding fun! If programming languages were transformed into ice cream flavors, which flavors would you associate with each language and what attributes or characteristics make them a perfect match?

For example: If Ruby were transformed into an ice cream flavor, it might be a delightful blend of rich and smooth dark chocolate with a hint of raspberry swirl. This flavor choice represents Ruby's elegant and expressive nature, like the indulgent sweetness of chocolate combined with the vibrant and tangy essence of raspberry. 🍧

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Jean-Michel πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Fayard • Edited

There would be vanilla JavaScript but everyone would eat a framework instead

terabytetiger profile image
Tyler V. (he/him)

Vanilla Ice Cream - best as part of a Twist πŸ˜‰

tracygjg profile image
Tracy Gilmore

Equivalent to topping with hundreds-and-thousands.

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Schemetastic (Rodrigo)

I guess that JS with Svelte or Solid would be vanilla with sprinkles. JS with large frameworks would be vanilla with large chunks... but TypeScript what would be?

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Frank Font • Edited

Pascal: That one ice cream you had once as a child and can never find again.
Bash: That scoop of Rocky-Road ice cream with a few pebbles mixed in.
Machine Language: The people that made it got away with calling it ice cream but it was really chilled wet talcum powder.

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Schemetastic (Rodrigo) • Edited

I suppose CSS would have to be a Neapolitan, this flavor has to be one of the more aesthetic ice creams, the fact that is 3 colors (light, dark, colored) it reminds me of how CSS is widely used to color elements. And this could change in the future, but current CSS version is 3.


Edit: If you think about it, CSS is also 3 letters, which stands for: Chocolate, Strawberry, Svanilla... (Jealous people would say it means Cascading Style Sheets).


kurealnum profile image
  • The CPU: Just sand. Who eats that stuff...
  • ASM: Raw milk, hasn't even been made into ice cream yet
  • C: Vanilla, basic as hell, but it's still pretty good
  • Python: Chocolate, simple, not super powerful, but who doesn't like it?

I might've gotten a little bit carried away :)

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SaptakBhoumik • Edited

C:-Vanilla(Simple yet nice)
C++:-Chocolate(A bit more complex but still nice)
And now I want some ice cream lol

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Jared Nielsen


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Henry Boisdequin

Python would definitely be strawberry, easy to make, tastes good and refreshing, and can be paired well with other flavors!

therealabhinav profile image

I think we can all agree that java should be coffe flavor 🀣

harshitkandpal profile image

C/C++ would be vanilla
Python would be chocolate
Java would be Neem flavour

madhavan98 profile image

Neem, it's sour but still remedy for many ill. It can prevent Ill.