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Juggling Multiple Projects: How Do You Stay Sane?

Balancing multiple projects can be quite a challenge. So, how do you handle the juggling act? Please share your go-to prioritization methods and handy tricks to stay organized and focused. Do you use Agile methodologies, time management techniques, have you discovered the secret to cloning yourself? 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️

Let's swap our strategies for staying sane while rocking multiple projects. Your insights might just be the game-changer someone else needs!

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Alessandro Pischedda

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Ryan Brown

Try to minimize context switching (changing from one project or task to another)_, and when a context switch needs to happen try to make it happen at convenient "save points".
Those would be things like the end of a functional task complete, a deliverable, maybe one sprint if that is how you work. This minimizes the amount of "active memory" that needs to be cached/recalled in your head.

Also, lists. Instead of switching off to the new task demanding attention, note the need on your list, then when you reach your save point, go and sort your list by priority/complete-ability. Prioritize items that can be completed over those that cannot yet be completed and prioritize those that block the most follow up tasks, in turn giving you best options for picking tasks next time.

Delegate, if you can, delegate whole project tasks to someone else.

Last, ask your leader for fewer concurrent projects. Ask if one can be pushed off until another is complete. If you don't ask, you won't know.

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To juggle multiple projects and stay sane, it's crucial to prioritize tasks, stay organized, take breaks, and communicate effectively with your team. Also, don't hesitate to ask for help or delegate when needed. Balancing your workload and managing your time wisely are key.

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grant horwood

for many months once i had three projects, all using different languages (scala, php, python) and databases (mysql, postgresql, neo4j) and switching was a literal nightmare.

one thing i did was create a set of colorschemes, both for terminal and vim, unique to each project. if it was gruvbox, i was working in scala/neo. solarized for php and pencil for python/postgres.

it didn’t eliminate the dissonance, but it did alleviated it.

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Frank Font

Expectations management, leaving enough room between project deliverables to deal with the expected unexpecteds.