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How Can You Build a Strong Personal Brand in a Competitive Job Market?

Building a standout personal brand as a developer or coder is essential in today's competitive job market. What strategies have you found effective in establishing and promoting your personal brand to showcase your expertise and attract opportunities?

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Fady GA 😎 • Edited

I think for me it's the "networking" part. And not just the "likes" and "template replies". I mean like actual conversations, opinions and genuine replies. Just be yourself when networking with people. This creates a base for you that is willing to hear and see what you have to offer 🥰

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Ola Ipaye

This is great Fady, tahnks for sharing!

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Fady GA 😎

Glad you find it helpful 😊

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Jean-Michel (double agent) • Edited

Mmh, how to build a strong personal brand?
That sounds very hard, where do you even begin with that?

Well don't choose a brand like AngularNinja because that's all bullshit.

Your brand is you.

The first step is to help people recognize you wherever you are.

  1. Choose one profile picture that you like
  2. Use it everywhere related related to work (Not YouPorn).

Why it's important?

People may know that you are more interesting than your dumb CV
... but not recognize you because they know you as $coolGeekNickame on Slack.
... so they don't make the link as the clever girl you are and the stranger they randomly meet you recognize they are not telepaths and you help them make the link

For example

  1. My wife made a cool drawing of me in the moon with Linda 🐶
  2. I have it on my Google account,, on DEV, on GitHub, on LinkedIn, on all Slacks where I am, and at work on jira, and all the other tools

Tips stolen from @flexbox

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David Leuliette 🤖

It helps in confences ans meetup as well, and never underestimate the power of "I know someone, who know's someone"

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Vicente Antonio G. Reyes

This "I know someone, who know's someone" is how I got a job as a QA in a unicorn in SFO

Sloan, the sloth mascot
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Nándor Holozsnyák

Making valuable articles, videos, any kind of content is a great start. I would say I'm in this phase, so I'm looking for some ideas to succeed 🔥

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Ola Ipaye

Awesome and simple tip here! People will identify you more with what you do and in doing that you make a name for yourself.

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If you are a technique guy, improve your skill. Skill is your most powerful brand.