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Coding Skills Not Found. Share Your Funniest Coding Failures 💻💥🙈

We’ve all been there, right? (Please say yes.) Did you ever accidentally delete an entire file? Have a syntax error that took you hours to find? We want to hear it all! It’s cathartic. Let it out! Share your funny or embarrassing coding stories from your early days and let's have a laugh together. Who knows, your story may just help someone else avoid making the same mistake.

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Not coding related but still ;)

Ever run a SQL UPDATE without a WHERE clause? And not in a transaction?

When I saw the number of updated rows I've started to sweat, two hours later I've been able to restore everything (thanks backups!).

Now any potentially destructive query is ran in a transaction, and before committing I check that the number of affected rows it the one I expect. Lesson learned!

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João Franco

been there, done that... it was a hard day

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Jon Snow

When you come from a different domain to the IT sector and are not able to secure a job.
So I decided to create a website that generates revenue through Google ads.

Do you think this was the right move?

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Yeah, it's a great idea, and with all those AI tools it will make your work easier if you need some help you're welcome I have some experience with content creation, etc...

NS: no offer or paid things ;)

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Jon Snow

DM me on insta

Thread Thread
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don't have one DM on Discord
! Alien#0007

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Christopher Glikpo ⭐

I can share some of the funny coding failures:

The Case of the Disappearing Code: One developer accidentally deleted all of the code for a project they were working on. They had forgotten to make a backup copy, so they had to spend the next few days rewriting everything from scratch.

The Invisible Button: A developer spent hours trying to figure out why a button on their website wasn't working, only to realize that they had accidentally set the color of the button to be the same as the background, making it invisible.

The Over-Engineered Solution: A developer created an elaborate algorithm to solve a simple problem, only to realize later that they could have just used a built-in function in the programming language.

The Endless Loop: A developer accidentally created an infinite loop in their code, causing the program to crash and freeze their computer. They had to manually shut down and restart the computer to fix the problem.

The Misspelled Variable: A developer misspelled a variable name in their code, causing the program to output nonsensical results. It took them a while to figure out what went wrong, but they eventually discovered the typo.

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Imam Ali Mustofa

Am just doing freestyle everyday!!!