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Fixing Bugs or Writing Algorithms? A Superhero “Would You Rather” 🦸🏻‍♀️💥🦸🏻

The Bug Buster vs. Algorithm Master. Would you rather have the power to instantly zap away any bug in your code with the snap of your fingers, or the ability to create complex algorithms at lightning speed with just a single thought? Engage!

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nielsenjared profile image
Jared Nielsen

I'll add a third option: The Problem Solver.

Whether it's fixing bugs or writing algorithms, I want to know that my work is addressing a pain point for a user and focused on outcomes rather than output.

hi_iam_chris profile image
Kristijan Pajtasev

If those are only two options, than solving bugs even tho i am not a big fan of it. Reality is that code is written for users who are gonna use the product. And no user ever said, algorithm of this app is so complex but amazing. But they do talk about bugs in application or how good it works

ant_f_dev profile image
Anthony Fung

Out of the two options, I'd go for instant bug zap.

Fixing strange behaviours in legacy code would no longer be a problem. It might take me two weeks to create an algorithm, but at least it'd be 100% bug free :)

c0mmand3rj profile image
James Batista


If I had to choose, the ability to fix bugs is a great superpower

istrariel profile image
Истрариел - юридические услуги • Edited

If I had to choose...

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Adams Agula • Edited

Personally I have never really liked to code because of all the work required to learn syntax and conventions connected to programming languages as a whole. So i'd rather design and create, at the speed of lightening, complex algorithms.

vulcanwm profile image

I honestly like fixing bugs and being able to create complex algorithms would be great for all the project ideas I’ve never been able to make.