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Which App or Website Would You Makeover & How?

Hey there, fellow devs! If you could improve or enhance any popular application or website, which would you choose, and what improvements would you bring to make it shine?

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Ali Navidi • Edited

I would change Threads!

With these limitations and changes that Elon Musk made to Twitter, a really good competitive app could take its position and become the new Twitter, but Threads made some mistakes and is losing this opportunity, including mixing Instagram and Threads IDs, and Instagram followers can easily find you there.

In some countries (Including where I live) that don't have the freedom to speak, people are creating fake accounts to speak freely and make it hard to track them, so you can't do that in Threads.

Many of us don't have the same personality on Twitter and Instagram, and our followers usually don't have our Twitter username (especially family members), so I would change that.

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I would try to redesign my school website

It's really ugly and buggy 🐛
Many things are broken

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That is relatable!
There is a website for a club i'm in which isn't broken but the information architecture is really confusing, and it's very old-fashioned (think 1990!).
It makes me sad to see it!

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yea same

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Thomas Bonnet

Try to have a better accessibility and security for public services in France. Like now, for the majority of official sites, the password records are old-fashioned, i.e. :

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(this is really true)

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Rachel Fazio

I would love a Pinterest refresh to make it more sleek/to make the UI less distracting!

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NLxDoDge why? Because it is horrendous on mobile. No dark mode, API is just not good and the overall feel of the site is just that it's old.

On of the main reasons I switched to actually 🙄

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Liam Stone

We have this app in Australia called Gumtree, it's kind of like Aussie Craig's List. The app itself is an absolute mess and there are so many ads. Could definitely use a lift.

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I always want to makeover my personal website 🙀

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