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Emerging Technologies I Can't Wait to Work With!

Tech enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest innovations in the industry. Here are some of the emerging technologies that are on everyone’s minds. Which are you most excited about? Let's discuss!

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) - The potential applications of AI are seemingly endless. How do you see this technology continuing to grow and evolve? And will it have a positive impact on our lives?
  2. Blockchain - As a decentralized and secure ledger system, blockchain has the potential to revolutionize a wide range of industries. What are some of the possibilities here?
  3. Internet of Things (IoT) - The IoT is set to transform the way we live and work. How do you anticipate leveraging this technology in your work?
  4. Augmented Reality (AR) - AR has the potential to transform the way we interact with our environment and it’s quickly becoming more accessible. Share your thoughts.

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leob profile image

Number one, AI, has by far the most far reaching impact, and is coincidentally also the one that's the most ready to be applied practically in the "real world".

Blockchain - dead in the water AFAICS, the others - more buzz than practical applications.

AI looks definitely ready for prime time, it's looming large, looks menacing even.

danbailey profile image
Dan Bailey

After sitting in Microsoft Build all week last week, I'd argue that AI isn't ready for prime time. Not even close. Yeah, I watched real-time demos of people building apps using Github Copilot Chat and they were able to produce some nice things, quickly, but there's a lot of misconceptions. AI, as it currently exists, is fucking stupid. And it should be viewed as a tool -- you should know how to accomplish the work without it. A good programmer with Github Copilot Chat is more productive. Github Copilot Chat without a programmer is a joke. The former produces Ferraris and the latter produces Trabants.

leob profile image

100% right on all points, except for:

"the latter produces Trabants"

If that were even true, lol ...

I've now used ChatGPT a few times, and on one occasion I was reasonably impressed - the other times I could see what it's doing, and it's a clever trick how it formulates an extensive and intelligent-looking answer, with 6 or 7 steps, but on the one most hard and most critical step (out of those 7) it failed - making the whole thing pointless.

Now, failure is not a sin, and a human might also fail, but a human would at least concede "I don't know" - ChatGPT always pretends to know, even if it doesn't, lol ...

Yeah it's a tool, I don't think robots are going to take over the world any time soon, let's not get hysterical.

benhultin profile image
ben hultin

Blockchain is not dead in the water, its still under development and has matured significantly since its inception. Multiple countries and cities around the world have made official use of crypto currency.

The US Air force uses Blockchain for portions of their database.

Blockchains main benefit is about taking away power from the elites and distributing it to the masses.

Some claim crypto value is fake... Yes it is just as fake as the US dollar. Crypto and the US dollar are both backed by nothing.

Crypto allows any individual to vote on how the currency is managed. The US dollar is only managed by a few powerful people that are likely very corrupt.

leob profile image

Yeah well - "its still under development and has matured significantly" - I believe that, technically it's fantastic, but I'm still waiting for the "killer application" :)

I'll see it when I believe it, but until now the most tangible application is BitCoin, and what can we say about that:

(a) extremely volatile
(b) a vehicle for speculation
(c) extremely environmentally-unfriendly (mining)

(all of which might have nothing to do with the underlying concepts or technology, but it makes me doubt if we'll be seeing practical and beneficial applications of this technology)

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benhultin profile image
ben hultin

Bitcoin is not the most tangible application to come from Crypto, BTC is strictly distributed currency which is the slowest and most expensive of the cryptos out there to use. Truthfully BTC is a dinosaur of a tech stack and needs to be shut down (I am not the only crypto supporter that feels this way about BTC).

Ethereum or ETH is where the future of crypto is at. It has continued to upgrade its tech stack at an aggressive pace with last year it moved away from the expensive mining methods BTC still uses.

  • does not use mining
  • energy consumption is very low
  • smart contracts (automatic transfer of money based on a defined event)
  • money transfers globally in minutes (Currently our financial system takes days)

The smart contracts feature is where ETH really stands out as a disruptive tech. Currently billions of dollars are wasted manually processing and moving money around inside corps, between corps, and to customers.

The volatile issue is caused by Cryptos tending to be deflationary. Crypto has introduced stable coins in the past couple years which is designed to peg them to the US Dollar. These coins are meant to remain at a value of 1 coin = $1.00

Crypto is still not ready for prime time in my opinion, the tech stack continues to be improved and sees ongoing adoption globally.

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leob profile image

Interesting info, thanks!

frankfont profile image
Frank Font

Menacing is not wrong. Lots of potential for good too of course.

leob profile image
leob • Edited

Nice article ... yes let's see, change is the only constant, and you can't stop change, even if you wanted to.

sweetpapa profile image
Forrester Terry

For A.I. I think it is going to be huge, but certainly has a lot of risks with it. I personally feel that the models causing a lot of buzz recently are the specific models NOT ready for prime time. ChatGPT hallucinates and ultimately gives incorrect information sometime. The security and scalability concerns with these language models have not been fully addressed either, especially with things like Stable Diffusion and other generative A.I.. All in all though, the potential for A.I. is massive. There are so many things you can do with it.

Blockchains offer a lot of promise too. An immutable database that everyone can trust and validate will be huge for finance, supply chain management, cybersecurity etc. Medical records => especially with zero knowledge proofs, you can make healthcare transactions way more secure.

IOT - I don't really have experience with IoT. At work, I think it could be useful for asset management tracking or tracking analytics across devices used in the workplace (refrigerators, rooms, copiers, etc). But IDK, super curious to read what others say.

AR - Same with AR, haven't developed or worked with it much, but I can see a lot of fun or practical applications. Especially in retail or research, where being able to simulate an experience of some sort will be really helpful. (Seeing furniture in your room, trying on cloths virtually, or things being able to visualize complex concepts in 3D space.

benhultin profile image
ben hultin

I think AI has proven itself to be an amazing tool for speeding up work. At first I was really worried about AI gobbling up lots of peoples jobs (still could have impacts on taking jobs), now I see it another way.

  • AI needs to be told what to do (thats a job)
  • Companies will forever try to be more productive to beat competition
  • Companies will seek out people that know how to work with AI tools
  • Same formula as before, more people = more gets done faster

I imagine startups will be leaning heavy into AI tools to speed up work flow trying to be first to market.

Some may try the route of laying people off and use AI tools to get the same amount done with lower costs. I think in highly competitive industries, companies will use AI to speed up work just to stay competitive with the others that are also using AI to speed up.

corners2wall profile image
Corners to wall • Edited

I will touch with next technologies in future (random order):

  • astro;
  • trpc.

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