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Which Coding Career Paths Interest You the Most?

Are you drawn to the creative side of web development, the problem-solving of software engineering, or the data-driven insights of data analysis.

The diversity of career paths available in the industry is one of the most exciting aspects of pursuing a career in coding. Web development, software engineering, data analysis, and cybersecurity, software engineering, data analysis -- so much to explore!

Where do you plan to take your carer in coding? And for those of you who are working in the industry, what are you doing? Do you love it? Would you recommend it to a CodeNewbie?

Share your thoughts and insights in the comments below. Let's learn from each other and inspire others who are exploring the world of coding!

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Ishaan Sheikh

I have worked in the Low code/no code CRM industry for around 3 years. It is an booming industry as the low or no-code tools are emerging and continue to do so for upcoming years.
I also find AI/ML quite interesting for future, it can integrate in many industries like health, sales, etc. So it will have many opportunities in future.

just5moreminutes profile image

I'm in my final year of high-school, so I haven't really decided on a career yet (I should probably do that soon though as I graduate in June). But if I decide to go for a coding career, I would love to work on rather low-level things like operating systems, drivers,...
Let's see how this will work out... If it doesn't work out I'd also be interested in data analysis.

chrisgreening profile image
Chris Greening

My current position has me juggling full-stack web development, data science/business intelligence, etc. (excuse the buzzwordiness) and it's been a really rewarding combination that I love (building data-driven web apps and dashboards in conjunction with business analytics, automated reporting, client presentations, etc.)

I think the overarching theme of my experience has been gravitating towards data engineering as I'm definitely more of a back-end engineer that works front-end out of necessity (that goes for both web dev and data science)

As far as beginners I would definitely not recommend wearing so many hats at once when first starting out. I started by getting reeeeally comfortable with just pure Python and then gradually picked skills over time after building a really solid foundation i.e.

  • got really comfortable with Python fundamentals (over the span of like two years)
  • started with Python's pandas for simple data analyses and hobby projects
  • learned the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JS, web hosting, etc. for deploying hobby projects such as a simple personal site
  • learned Flask and slightly more advanced web dev tools i.e. Sass, jQuery, and Heroku to build/deploy my portfolio site
  • combined pandas and Flask (w/ a bit of React) to start building Dash dashboards
  • started learning AWS for deploying more robust, complicated apps

It's been a slow burn that all started with getting really comfortable with the fundamentals before moving into any specific disciplines.

theoriginalbpc profile image
Sarah Dye

I really front end web development. Although I've concentrated on fullstack web development, front end web development is a better fit since I like creating, editing, and fixing things on the front end. Right now I'd like to find a frontend developer role, but I'd like to explore UX more in the future.

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rumendimov profile image
Rumen Dimov

I am personally interested in Front-end web development but I struggle with creating beautiful aesthetic layout designs. I enjoy the problem-solving side as know what I think enjoy everything about programming...even the "boring" assembly language

baenencalin profile image
Calin Baenen

Game development and problem solving are the most interesting to me.

Whilst I keep RuntDeale, my Undertale inspired game, on the backburner I've been taking a liking to problem solving. Specifically I'm tackling the problem of making lexers and tokenization easier.
This problem solving has lead to me creating ParseJS. I plan on making a library in Rust, called LexRs, to do the same thing but with even more customization and out-of-the-box materials.

baenencalin profile image
Calin Baenen

Gamedev and problem solving.
(In regards to the latter, I particularly like trying to break certain (difficulty) boundaries when it comes to certain tasks; for example, confer with HotTea and ParseJS.)

highcenburg profile image
Vicente Antonio G. Reyes

Been in Django backend dev in the past 4 or 5 years and have been in 3 jobs(1 internship). Now I'm trying to get into the ML landscape.

vulcanwm profile image

Web development has always interested me, but I’ve always wanted to try AI/ML

sarahokolo profile image
sahra 💫

Been getting really interested in AI/ML lately, want to start walking that path this year🤞

gabrielmlinassi profile image
Gabriel Linassi

I've always worked with Web but Blockchain interests me a lot more.

cbid2 profile image
Christine Belzie

Would technical writing count @ben?

raviklog profile image

AI/ML, Cyber Security & Blockchain seems interesting area to work on and updates happening quite fast there!

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Hello Mannega