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What New Skills or Accomplishments Have You Achieved in the Past Year?

Reflecting on the past year, what new skills or accomplishments have you achieved? These can be professional achievements, like learning a new programming language, building a project from scratch, or contributing to an open-source project? Or maybe they were more personal in nature, like running a marathon, making it to the end of Gravity's Rainbow, learning to knit.

Whatever you've achieved: KUDOS! Take a moment to celebrate with us by sharing your experiences and how you achieved your goals.

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sriparno08 profile image
Sriparno Roy

Here you go:

  • Learnt C
  • Learnt HTML
  • Started Contributing to Open Source
  • Got Started With Technical Writing

Here is my GitHub in case you are interested:

Sriparno08 (Sriparno Roy) · GitHub

Aspiring Web Developer | Technical Writer | Open Source Enthusiast - Sriparno08

namenotavilable profile image
Adam Markiewicz

done 15 tasks on bootcamp all in python, got to know a bit of docker , SQL, i got to know machine learning and how to create your own models, build my own workstation, i think a lot but what do i know

vulcanwm profile image

learnt next.js and react. i love it so much now

raywp profile image
Raymond Wangsa Putra

Webcomponents, I tinker using, picked new FE arsenal for a BE developer. hahah

anwar_sadat profile image
Anwar Sadat Ayub

I never understood what rebasing is until I was forced to rebase patch, then I got to experience it

mattjc profile image

HTML and CSS feel like my primary accomplishments so far. I’m pretty sure I understand JavaScript well enough, but I’m only starting to know how to use it within the UI.