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What Aspects of Coding Still Leave You Feeling Uncertain?

Despite experience, certain aspects of coding can be challenging. What specific syntax or concepts do you find most perplexing? How do you work on improving your understanding in those areas?

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Jason Ormes

Figuring out when to hunt for and use a library vs rolling my own feature is always my biggest pain point. Even after coding for more than 30 years.

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Multi-threaded code:

One of my colleagues made a mistake to use the same Threadpool twice in a call that creates calls, so when there was a flood of first calls the Threadpool was empty, but waiting for some to be released.
Basically a deadlock lol.
I just have a hard time debugging things like this.

Updating super old projects to new Major versions:

Always a headache, somethings always breaks and figuring out is super hard as the console almost never gives good clues on where to search or what to fix.

Using Ruby on Windows (Not WSL2):

Why? You miss a lot of libraries that are coded for specifically for GNU/Linux, I had a lot of problems just trying to run some of the code when I joined my second internship. WSL was just around the corner so I tried setting up Ubuntu and that worked flawlessly.

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Calin Baenen


Without several (virtual) machines, how the fuck am I supposed to compile my programs for other people? /rt
I literally can't even do the most basic ov things to make my program more accessible to the end-user.

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ORM's, Django's ORM in particular. It makes sense, it's just... weird, if that makes any sense.