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Do You Have a Nostalgia Collection?

Lots of folks gather up mementos from the good ol' days to bring back those nostalgic vibes and keep a strong link to their own history. Some common examples of nostalgia-inducing items that people collect include:

  • Vintage toys and games
  • Vinyl records and cassette tapes
  • Retro technology
  • Pop culture memorabilia
  • Books and comics

So what's in your nostalgia collection?

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brnms profile image
Bruno Santos

I have a box full of my childhood stuff, it includes action figures (Marvel and DC super heroes, Pokémons and Jurassic Park characters and dinosaurs), Yu-Gi-Oh cards, comic books, etc. Also I have some folders and notebooks full of my childhood and teenager drawings

thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt

Oww It's funny to read this article because... I started collecting vinyl. 😆

Otherwise I really like old technology and hardware, I have a typewriter that is functional, and a black floppy disk 💾

And I also grew up with film tapes, so I must have a drawer full of them. 👍🏼

jimmymcbride profile image
Jimmy McBride

The things that brings me back to day is Legend of the Dragoon and spending time in nature.

I grew up on a farm and just wanted to move to the city and be somebody. Now that I'm older I just want to move back to the country and be a nobody again. :p

danbailey profile image
Dan Bailey

Bicycles -- I have a pretty full quiver of stuff I ride regularly (N+1, as the joke goes), but I've started collecting older European road racing bikes -- mid-80's and earlier. Because the garage clearly needs to be bursting at the seams, right?

theoriginalbpc profile image
Sarah Dye

I have a big collection of Disney figurine playsets. Growing up, my family didn't have much money so when my two brothers and I were able to get a toy, we got $10 to spend. The figurines were $10 or less so I often bought the figurines or playsets with the figurines inside them. I've got ones from The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, etc.

hi_iam_chris profile image
Kristijan Pajtasev

Not records, but playlists. Sometimes, some song or order of songs that bring me into exact moment in the past.

vimaljangi33805 profile image
vimal jangid

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martinsonuoha profile image
Martins Onuoha

I have a cassette player and over hundreds of cassette recordings and albums, also a retro piano, and in the past years I've been collecting retro hand-held gaming consoles.