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Got Any Podcast Recs? We Do!

Looking for some great tech-related podcasts to listen to? Check out these recommendations from the CodeNewbie community. Share your faves in the comments below.!

  1. Recode Decode: hosted by Kara Swisher, this podcast features interviews with tech industry leaders and explores the latest trends and news in the tech industry.
  2. Developer Tea: This podcast focuses on the soft skills that are essential for success as a developer, including time management, communication, and productivity.
  3. Syntax is a fun and informative show hosted by Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski that covers a wide range of web development topics.
  4. CodeNewbie features developers from diverse backgrounds and is designed for people who are new to coding. Topics focus on learning to code, building a career in tech, and finding inspiration in the coding community. Oh, hey! 👋🏻 You can find that one right here! 😉 Check back weekly for new episodes.
  5. This Week in Tech, often referred to as "TWiT," features a panel of experts discussing the latest news and trends in technology.
  6. The Accidental Tech Podcast features discussions on technology, Apple products, and other topics related to the tech industry.
  7. Darknet Diaries is about hacking and cybersecurity; it explores stories of cybercrime and security breaches.
  8. Software Engineering Daily explores a wide range of software engineering topics, from blockchain to artificial intelligence.
  9. Design Better focuses on design and user experience, Design Better features interviews with designers and explores topics related to product design, research, and strategy.
  10. Command Line Heroes explores the history of computing and the people and events that have shaped the tech industry.

What are some of your favorite podcasts?

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Erin Bensinger
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Meet Rajesh Gor

Awesome! I have made a ssg for scraping rss of some great developer podcasts ->

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Sherry Day
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Chris Jarvis • Edited