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What Features Would You Want in a Smart Home of the Future?

Imagine your dream home of the future — a place where technology blends seamlessly with everyday life. What cool and futuristic features would you want in your smart home?

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Rita Bradley
  • An oven that can detect in internal temperature of different types of meat, and shuts off at the right moment to avoid over/undercooking
  • @theaccordance mentioned an idea for a refrigerator that I love, but I'd also like it to tell me then things are going to expire and/or have expired
  • Any device that will help my kid stay on top of tasks. Something indestructible and annoying enough for him to not ignore.
  • self tinting windows with built-in black out curtains (I live in Vegas, my electric bill kills me in the summer)
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Ben Halpern

Here's my #1 feature: Privacy.

Not only does it not make sense for smart functionality to make a whole round trip to some centralized cloud just to control something locally, it is fundamentally kreepy.

I really hope on-prem smart home can become more feasible over time. It's fighting an uphill battle, though.

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Taylor Zeller

Great topic! I’ve been noodling on this for a while actually! Here’s my big 2

Smart user profiles - Most of the smart home solutions out there are able to identify the differences in voices and create separate user profiles already, but the idea would be to link those profiles to our app profiles as well (Hulu, Netflix, etc) so that using a voice command to launch an app will automatically access that users profile instead of taking you to the profile selection screen.

Device Specific Commands - Instead of using the generic wake word to tell the smart home to tell a specific named device what to do, you simply say the name of the device you would like to command followed by the command. So like, if you have a roomba vacuum, instead of saying “Alexa, tell iRobot home to have Roomba vacuum the kitchen” you would just say “roomba, vacuum the kitchen”.

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Ben Halpern

Device Specific Commands is really nice because it lessens the need for fragile interlinking between everything.

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When envisioning the smart home of the future, there are several features that come to mind, each aimed at enhancing convenience, efficiency, and overall quality of life. Here are a few key features I would love to see in a smart home of the future:

Seamless Integration: A smart home should offer seamless integration across various devices and platforms. Whether it's controlling lighting, security systems, appliances, or entertainment systems, having a unified ecosystem where different devices effortlessly communicate with each other would be a game-changer.

Advanced Energy Management: Energy efficiency is a crucial aspect of a sustainable future. An ideal smart home should incorporate advanced energy management systems, allowing homeowners to monitor and optimize energy consumption. This could include features like intelligent thermostats, smart sensors, and automated energy-saving routines to minimize waste and reduce utility costs.

Personalized Artificial Intelligence (AI): The future smart home should be equipped with AI systems that understand and adapt to individual preferences. Imagine a home that anticipates your needs and adjusts settings accordingly. From personalized lighting and temperature control to tailored entertainment recommendations, AI would enhance comfort and create a truly personalized experience.

Enhanced Security and Privacy: As homes become more connected, ensuring robust security and privacy measures becomes paramount. The smart home of the future should offer state-of-the-art security systems, including advanced authentication methods, secure data encryption, and real-time monitoring. Privacy features should be built into the foundation, empowering homeowners to have full control over their personal information.

Health and Wellness Integration: Integrating health and wellness features into a smart home could significantly improve our overall well-being. This could involve monitoring air quality, integrating fitness trackers, or even smart appliances that promote healthy eating and cooking. By seamlessly incorporating health-conscious features, the smart home of the future would actively contribute to our physical and mental well-being.

Sustainability and Environmental Awareness: With an increasing focus on sustainability, future smart homes should prioritize eco-friendly solutions. This could include smart water management systems, efficient waste management, and even renewable energy integration. A conscious effort to minimize the ecological footprint would not only benefit the environment but also inspire homeowners to adopt more sustainable practices.

Intuitive User Interface: Lastly, the user interface of a smart home should be intuitive and user-friendly. Whether it's through voice commands, touchscreens, or gesture-based controls, the interface should be accessible to all members of the household, regardless of age or technological proficiency.

These are just a few features that I envision in the smart home of the future. Ultimately, the goal is to create a harmonious living space that seamlessly integrates technology, enhances our daily lives, and adapts to our evolving needs and preferences.

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Joe Mainwaring
  • Smart Blinds which I can have open on a timer that corresponds to sunrise
  • Indoor irrigation system for plants (preferably with feedback from the plants via sensors)
  • Robotic lawn mower
  • Non-lethal Defense turrets 😈
  • A refrigerator which can keep tabs on state of the inventory
  • Smart Mirror
  • Automated litter box for the cat
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Ah, in the smart home of my dreams, everything would be woven together in a symphony of technology! Imagine waking up to gentle lights that mimic the sunrise, with your favorite morning melody whispering through the room. The house would know your schedule, so the coffee would be brewing and your shower warm, just as you like it.

Now, imagine walls that change colors or even scenes, transforming your living room into an enchanted forest or a vintage library. How about a kitchen that helps you cook, advising on recipes and automatically ordering ingredients as you run out?

And, oh, a robot butler! Not just any robot – a friendly companion that knows your mood, helps around the house, and maybe even cracks a joke or two. Your garden would be a self-sustaining oasis, with drones tending to plants and creating the perfect atmosphere for an evening under the stars.

In the smart home of the future, sustainability would be paramount. Solar roofs and walls that store energy, water purifying and recycling systems, and even windows that harness energy – making the house virtually off-grid.

The smart home would be more than just a dwelling; it would be an extension of oneself, a nurturing friend. It would be a place where technology doesn’t just make life easier but fills it with magic, wonder, and endless possibilities! 🌟

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David Sugar • Edited

I want to see smart integration and convergence of telephony with messaging and home automation. Being able to bring up a voice assistant and home control on any media or ui capable device, not just specialized smart speakers, would be desirable too. Being able to offer transformative communications, such as voice to messaging for deaf users, and voice navigation for the blind, is a must for a smart living space. It also happens to be something I am working on.

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Joao L.
  • A mattress that detects my body temperature and tries to achieve ideal sleeping temperature. No need to control the temperature of the whole bedroom.
  • Windows that open and close automatically. I want to sleep with the windows open in winter, but want to wake up to a warm room.
  • Presence-detection soft lights during the night in case I need to get up for water of toilet
  • Bluetooth connections that actually work seamlessly (i know, i know, but a person can dream)
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instant door teleportation to other places

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Bro your house is not a smart home, your house is magical 😜

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Ben Halpern

+1 for magic house, can we make it happen?

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Bruno Santos

Dashboard for groceries list, informing in real time items that need to be bought soon

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A house that can write me my code, wake me up and in case I don't wake up then handle my work.

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Calin Baenen

The implication(s) ov the house trying to wake you up, unknowingly, forever should not be thought ov.