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myNewsWrap: News from SAP and Microsoft - It's Season 2

Previously on myNewsWrap

When you read this, you might ask yourself: I did not know that there was a season one, and I do not even know what this "myNewWrap" thingy is.

That's good, let's take it from there. Back in 2020 I thought it might be a good idea to have a newsflash or spotlight on what is happening in the area of SAP and Microsoft and when combining these two. That was when I started "myNewsWrap - SAP and Microsoft" - a weekly news overview about the SAP (Cloud) universe, the Microsoft universe and the twilight zone where the magic happens when you combine those two spaces. The center of gravity was and is technology n those areas.

You might say "That is a quite weird combo ... SAP and Microsoft". I would answer "yes and no". On a first glance those two worlds do not have too much in common, right? However, there is a lot of potential when combining these two worlds (of course that was not my idea, but the collaboration between SAP and Microsoft has a long history). Having worked a lot with customers I can clearly state that there is a huge benefit when combining those two worlds. This benefit is recognized more and more, but from my point of view a lot of opportunities are still not taken up.

To know what is possible and how I can build value-adding apps by combining SAP and Microsoft, I need to know what is possible. So, I needed to stay up-to-date with those topics. Now if I collect that information, maybe there are other people out there that are also interested in this kind of news, so why not share it. This is where the motivation for "myNewsWrap" came from.

So, in September 2020 the first episode went out, which comprised:

  • A GitHub repo with the show notes and references for later look up (myNewsWrap on GitHub)
  • A 20 - 30-minute video where we shortly went through the news (available on my YouTube channel via a Playlist)
  • The audio portion of the video as podcast

What are the focus areas?

What can you expect from the format? First of all, the news are curated, so they reflect what I thought might be worth to take notice of. So just because a news item from one of the other area was not mentioned, basically means that I either missed it or I did not consider it important from my perspective.

There are five main pillars in every episode namely:

  • News from the SAP side: the clear focus is here SAP Business Technology Platform especially Kyma
  • News from the Microsoft world: here I focus on:

    • the _serverless _parts (Azure Functions, Static Web Apps)
    • Kubernetes in a broader sense (Azure Container Apps, Kubernetes including its ecosystem outside of Azure Kubernetes Service, Dapr and Keda)
    • DevOps especially GitHub topics
  • News from the SAP and Azure world highlighting news that show the benefit when combining these two worlds

  • News about learning and upcoming events

  • Developer experience and productivity (what can make Developers life "easier")

If there is an outstanding event (like Microsoft Build) there might be a special section on that. In the meantime, 85 episodes are available in the setup described above.

I think a nice mix, so even if you are not interested in the SAP part, there might be some news for you in the other sections.

It is season 2 now, so what changed?

So far so good, now what's so special about season two? From time to time it is good to reflect and I asked my self if the setup makes sense and the added value is matching the effort.

I finally came to the conclusion that there is a mismatch, and the main added value is achieved by the the show notes. In addition, the time spent for the myNewsWrap reduced the time to get my hands dirty with the things I presented.

So I decided to change the setup: season two will be reduced to the collection of news on GitHub Season 2 and in addition (short drumroll):

As a blog post series labeled as "myNewsWrap - SAP and Microsoft" here on

I hope you will like it. Stay tuned ... the next episode is always just a week away.

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