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myNewsWrap: News from Microsoft, GitHub and SAP - It's Season 3

What happened so far?

You never heard about myNewsWrap? No worries: myNewsWrap is a weekly newsletter around Microsoft, GitHub and SAP (and a combination of these worlds). You find all episodes on GitHub and here on as series.

If you are a developer working in these areas, you might want to take a look at it and find some useful news.

This blog post describes the changes in the outline in season 3, for the readers coming from season 2.

Reassessment after season 2

The summer break gave me some time to reflect on the myNewsWrap newsletter/blog and its format and content. During the last posts I wasn't perfectly happy with the structure and the prioritization of which content to include. I reassessed what topics are of importance from my perspective for application development and came to the conclusion that some changes must be made. This blog post explains the new outline of the format and what to expect in season 3 of myNewsWrap.

A new season, a new outline

The basic mission of myNewsWrap remains untouched, namely providing a curated overview of news for application developers working in the Microsoft, GitHub, and SAP area and especially for those combining these areas in their daily work.

The experienced follower of myNewsWrap already notices some change: "wasn't it something like 'News from SAP and Microsoft' before?" Yes, you are right the sequence of words changed intentionally and reflects the change of the center of gravity of the content. The main areas of season from a "vendor-perspective" will be:

  • Microsoft especially Azure
  • GitHub
  • The combination of SAP and Microsoft including important news from the SAP-only universe (focusing on SAP Business Technology Platform)

Content-wise this was already the case for several episodes and now it is reflected in the outline of the posts.

With that I also decided to restructure the outline of the posts as follows:

  1. The first section of the news covers the app development on Azure. The three focus areas will be:

    • Serverless with news around Azure Functions, Static Web Apps and Azure Container Apps
    • Dapr with news around ... well Dapr
    • Developer Platform topics with news about Infrastructure as Code, GitHub (restricted to my top 5 of the week) and other news that make the life of developers easier like the Azure Developer CLI.
  2. The second section covers the twilight zone combining Microsoft and SAP. This basically remains the same as you know it and focuses on the app development part (no SAP on Azure infrastructure topics). This section will then also be the home of news from the "pure" SAP world (focus SAP Business Technology Platform) that was a dedicated main section in season 2.

  3. The third and last section covers the area of learning. This area provides interesting learning resources that go beyond vendor-specific technology.

I am convinced that this change will help me to improve the delivered news to what is relevant in those areas without getting too fuzzy and covering too many topics. I hope you will like the changes and I am happy to hear your feedback.

When will season 3 start?

Season 3 of myNewsWrap starts with episode 146 that will be published on 19th of August. Stay tuned and remember: the next episode is always just a week away!

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