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Episode 98: myNewsWrap – SAP and Microsoft

Episode 98: myNewsWrap – SAP and Microsoft

Welcome to this week's edition of myNewsWrap, news from the world of SAP, Microsoft and the world in between. As it is summer vacation time, it is a bit more quiet, but still some interesting stuff to dig into.

SAP Universe - from the community

Let's us start with the SAP side of the house i. e. news around the Business Technology Platform.

Business Technology Platform Core - Kyma

Let's see what happened around Kyma:


Well ... there was a blog post on importing OpenAPI-documented APIs remotely with CAP, but it was removed. I hope it will reappear.

Microsoft Universe

Now let's look at the Microsoft universe.

Azure Functions/Serverless

Here is what happened this week in the serverless space like Azure Functions and Static Web Apps:

Containers, Azure Container Apps and Kubernetes

From Serverless to Containers, Azure Container Apps and Kubernetes - what did this week provide us with?

GitHub & DevOps

What happened in the area of DevOps and esp. GitHub - let's see:

Attention: Deprecation Notice: GraphQL for Packages - but without a timeline


Interested in some new from the broader Microsoft ecosystem? Then here are some links for you:

🐱‍👤 SAP and Microsoft - Combining both worlds

Now let's enter the twilight zone (no worries the ninja cat is with us) between SAP and Microsoft and see the magic happening when we combine both worlds:

Learning and Events

We always want to learn, so here are some links to some interesting learning resources and upcoming events:

And heads up for upcoming events:

Golo's Corner

Summer Break (well deserved!) ⛱

Productivity & Developer Experience

Last but not least, some links that might make our developer live easier and reflect on our profession:

And with this enjoy your weekend and have a successful next week!

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