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What Innovative Possibilities Does Generative AI Unlock?

What do you think are some of the most exciting and innovative use cases of Generative AI?

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Rudolf Olah

One of the possibilities is one-off tooling, for example:

I was able to chat with ChatGPT and build that gradient builder for Tailwind fairly quickly.

What's neat is that from there you can build one-off tooling for color palette generation or randomization or whatever other features you need.

More than that, you can change the target output from Tailwind CSS to Bootstrap CSS class names just by asking for another change to the code. Heck, you can change it from a jquery web utility to a desktop app written with Qt and C++.

The same is true for shell scripts and other duct-tape scripts.

To me this is exciting because writing one-off scripts would sometimes take days with all the modifications, having a full day head start with a good starting point of code is amazing

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Wheat Holt

I think it's hard to grasp just how prevalent Generative AI solutions will be in the next few years. The tooling to build these products has improved dramatically in the past 6 months and that trend will only continue.

I think we'll see products take over huge swaths of responsibilities in the legal, financial, development, design, product, human resources and just about every other traditionally white-collar job. Some examples:

  • Legal - Contract analysis, pump a contract in and get human-readable insights into what it includes and does
  • Development - Code completion is big, but tools are already taking written input and turning it into code. Solving business logic and architecture will be the future.
  • Product - Analyze huge swaths of user data, and manage projects with AI. PMs will be focused on making decisions instead of monitoring all the details

While I don't think a lot of these roles will totally go away, the way that we work will change dramatically.

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Rajae Robinson

I think it has massive potential in the education space in terms of simplifying complex concepts and reducing the time to do assignments

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i found a tool builtr using gpt-3(perhaps):