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What Draws You to a Job Besides Salary?

Lets talk about the various aspects that attract folks to job opportunities beyond just the paycheck. What are you priorities when considering employment?

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Jake Lundberg

I always want to get a strong sense of the company culture before I accept any kind of offer. To the point where I may ask for additional interviews if I don't feel I have a good grasp on it. I've fallen into places that had cultures I didn't care for, and it was really miserable to have to deal with, especially long term. So that's a big one for me.

Now when I saw culture, I'm not talking about having ping pong tables, dart boards, and beer on tap. I referring to things less definable by bullet points...You have beer on often do people gather and enjoy that? You have a ping pong table...How frequently do people of different teams have to time to use it? How are new ideas treated when they don't come from leaders? I promised my child I would go have lunch with them, but you just dropped a new request on my desk...what is the real work life balance here? How do the leaders handle when someone disagrees with an idea they have? What kind of communication between people and teams goes on on a regular, daily basis?

In addition to culture, I'm also looking for people. We spend a huge chunk of our day with the people we work with, so I want to be sure they are the kinds of people I want to be around. I read somewhere about the 2 beer and puppy rule, and I really like to consider that rule in this regard. Are the majority of the people I have met people I would want to sit down and have 2 beers with? Are they the kind of people I would trust to watch my dog over a weekend? The answers to these questions will very frequently tell if they are the kinds of people I want to spend a third of my time with.

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Dumebi Okolo

The product or service the company is selling or producing.
Tbh, I have to believe in a company's product or service or vision before I can envision Working with them. It's that belief that drives my enthusiasm and passion and general productivity in the office.

Another thing too is the company culture. Although, tbh, it's not very easy to spot a company that will stress your mental health from the onset, but I look out for little clues and subtle messages that can give me an idea on what it's like working there.

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Hi! What are some things you would consider clues and messages?

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Dumebi Okolo

The way the job is represented always plays a big role.
More often, if the job description is lighthearted and fun, it is a representation of the company.
Also reach out to other staff in the company and get their insights.

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Juanda Martínez

I always want to explore new types of business, I want to learn more about everything and see how the problems are tackled from that perspective. Money comes least if you have a good organization and financial education.

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The company's goals and the type of projects they work on. If I work for a company that aligns with my worldview and on projects that actually inspire me, it's much more motivating and fun to work. You feel like you're contributing to a cause that you actually care for. As a freelancer, where most jobs are per-project, this is great!

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Culture, benefits, option for remote work. How do teams work with other teams, inside the team (good vibes with at least 80%). No micro management but trust from top level. Constant feedback (negative and positive). Room for personal development. Innovation time. Enough time off work. Transparent and fair pay among peers. Actual meaning for job titles and senior levels.

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Diego Juliao

I recently quit a high-paid company position because I was deeply miserable. That crawled to my personal life in no time, I started having sleep problems, low energy during the day and my mental health stared to be affected as well.

The culture of the company wasn’t aligned with mine and they were unable to provide professional growth. Also, I had the sensation of learning nothing but anti patterns IMHO.

From that experience, I learned that:

  • I need to trust more in my instincts
  • During the interview process, I need to be more agro and verify if the position and the company would fit my professional needs by asking for more interviews with the team members if necessary.
  • Money isn't everything
  • Your mental health is vital
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Culture 1000%. While many people are very kind and accepting in the work place, this isn’t always the case. Conscious or otherwise, “othering” in the workplace can happen a lot. The further a person is from being White, straight, cis, non-disabled, etc., the likelihood of them being “othered” in the workplace definitely increases.

Company cultures that embrace the diversity of their employees’ backgrounds, experiences and knowledge is this very important to me.

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Matt Ellen
  1. I'm looking for something that aligns with my values
  2. Working from home
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Celebrity Electrician

Opportunity to learn new and innovative, globally accepted standards.

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