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Finding Fulfillment in Coding: What Lights You Up?

What aspects of coding or development light you up? And how we can incorporate more of these elements into our careers?

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Gaurav Saini

Everyone likes it when things are running smoothly and everything sort of just falls into place. So do I, but ever so often, I get way too much excited when the odds are stacked against me.
I’m sure everyone has been in such a situation at least once in their career, and when you overcome those odds to come out on top, it’s a great feeling.

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Daniel Rendox

This feeling when you finally fix the bug after trying to find the solution for a long time.
Also working on my own projects lights me up and motivates me. When I work on my own project, I never need to force myself to work.

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Rachel Fazio

For some reason documentation always makes me feel very happy— it feels like a great celebration for something that is working!

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Osazuwa Agbonze

Good documentation is a gold mine. Over the years, i've really enjoyed django's docs and just recently fastapi. Internal code docs also does the icing to the source code.

Mind sharing some of the documentation that has made you happy ?

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Calin Baenen

Rust lights me up, especially the prospect ov game-development, and eventually not being to lazy to work on RuntDeale.