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Which Beliefs or Practices Have You Reevaluated Over Time?

Discuss any ideas or habits you've reconsidered in your life's journey, from multitasking to low carb diets. How have your perspectives evolved?

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Izaak Chater • Edited

At 34 I now see the value in thinking about longevity where physical training is concerned. I've made the mistake of red lining myself physically in the past which led to injury and setbacks. Now I prioritize mobility, recovery and being strong through a full range of motion and I feel so much more stable and confident because of it. My goal is to be in my 50s and still regularly doing jujitsu and then in my 70s onwards still being able to walk long distances/navigate flights of stairs without pain.

Also I am much less worried about being misunderstood by other people, I am secure in the fact that I know where I am coming from and I know the person I am. I am also able to re evaluate my own views with new information and if someone external wants to make judgements on me based on what they see then they are free to do so.

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Big ups to you. Most of us learn late that sometimes we put our bodies through unnatural strain jus to fit the Instagram look and image.
But the strains we put our bodies through we will pay for in our forties and fifties going on forward !