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Instant Bug-fixing or Bug-free Code: Which Power Would You Pick?

Would you rather have the ability to instantly fix any bug OR write code without any bugs from the start?

Join the discussion and share your preference, along with the reasons behind your choice.

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Top comments (9)

valeriavg profile image

Depends, does the instant bug fixing comes with the guarantee of not introducing new bugs?)

adriansalvatori profile image
Adrian Salvatori

Instant bug fixing all the way.
The goal is not just about making working code without bugs, it's about understanding the technology and the purpose of out application all-together. Stumbling upon bugs is necessary, to learn, to evolve.

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Bug fixing gives me power over everyone else’s code. I think that’s where I can really help.

nikunjbhatt profile image
Nikunj Bhatt

It depends on what is my position/designation/occupation. If I am working as a developer then I would like to have power to write bug-free code, and if I am at a higher or managerial post then I would prefer instant-bug-fixing power.

panditapan profile image

Bug free code because I'm scared my code will do something to these very dangerous really hot machines it's connected to.


jafb321 profile image
Jose Antonio Felix

Instan bug fixing. My job depends of the bugs that I made

manchicken profile image
Mike Stemle

Trick question. Neither are all that achievable today, so I’d prefer being in a place where I have the time and support needed to find and fix bugs properly.

femikul profile image
Showunmi Femi

I think bug-free code, but I've come to realize I also love debugging as I love challenges and open source!