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Tech Icon Keynote or Hackathon Triumph: Which Event Excites You More?

Share your excitement for attending a coding conference with your tech idol as the keynote speaker or participating in a coding hackathon to showcase your skills and potentially win prizes. Which event would you choose, and what draws you to it?

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Rain Leander

Without a doubt, I would opt for the tech conference. While hackathons undoubtedly offer a unique blend of competitive energy and intense focus on problem-solving, I find the idea of sacrificing sleep rather unappealing. I value my sleep quite highly; it plays a vital role in keeping my mental processes sharp and fostering creativity, two elements that I find crucial for effective coding.

Moreover, attending a conference, especially with my tech idol as the keynote speaker, offers numerous benefits. Besides the thrill of seeing and potentially interacting with an individual I admire, these events are an excellent source of information and learning. They present opportunities to expand my knowledge, witness the latest technological advancements, engage in stimulating discussions, and build a network with like-minded professionals.

Conferences are less about immediate gratification and more about long-term benefits. They fuel my motivation, provide insights into the industry's direction, and offer a more balanced experience overall. Plus, there's the added benefit of being able to get a good night's sleep after a day full of exciting sessions. The coding conference is a clear winner for me!

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Jean-Michel ( • Edited

I will opt for the hackthon where I actually do things with a small number of cool people.

Conferences and meetups are for two things

  • watching talks, learning new content.
  • "networking" with people

The first thing I can usually do better at home. I have better control over what I choose to watch.

Meeting people I already know at conferences is absolutely great, just happened to me at DroidConf a big conference in Berlin. I met lots of friends the first days.

But the second and third day I was bored, I was in huge rooms full of hundreds of strangers, "networking" like this is like the contrary of what I enjoy.

As an introvert, I enjoy doing things either one to one or in a small group.

Don't get me wrong, some conferences are great and changed my life, like Kotlinconf organized by JetBrains.
But if I had to pick one as an introvert, I would pick the hackathon.

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Ashutosh Sharma

I would go for tech conference.

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Chris Jarvis

A conference to hear from people I admire. I can learn more and talk to people,