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Star Wars Tech: How Does It Compare to Current Technology?

Hey there, fellow Star Wars enthusiasts! It's May the Fourth, AKA Star Wars Day! Let's get into the spirit and embrace the force as we celebrate the greatest space adventure of all time with a discourse on Star Wars Tech.

From lightsabers and blasters to starships and droids: how does the technology in the Star Wars universe compare to current technology? With advances in robotics, AI, and space exploration, it's fascinating to consider how far we've come and what we might still be able to achieve. Is it feasible to create a real-life lightsaber or a droid like R2-D2?

Join the discussion and share your thoughts on the technology of Star Wars and its impact on our own technological advancements.

And may the fourth be with you! πŸ’«

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michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

On the note of real-life lightsabers, I remember seeing a YouTube video a year ago about someone who had created a retractable light saber. Found it!

In searching for this video, I found another lightsaber creator that's def worth a mention:

aatmaj profile image

I also want oneπŸ˜ƒ

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Haha! Seriously.

erinposting profile image
Erin Bensinger

Different angle here, but I do want to take a minute to acknowledge the technological advancement that was motion graphics and computer generated imagery (CGI) in the original Star Wars movies 🀯

Watching them now, in comparison to the advancements of the past ~50 years, they may not seem like much. But those scenes of the Millennium Falcon zooming through space?! And the Death Star looming from far away? Totally unprecedented at the time. The practical effects are pretty good, tooβ€”I've seen character builds in modern movies that look worse than Jabba and the Ewoks, not naming names....

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

They might just be on to something with those simplistic β€œretro” computer UIs.

Maybe this galaxy has prioritized the functional hard tech and realized that tactile and simple interfaces win out over touch screens and complicated GUIs.

webbureaucrat profile image

My only take is there's something deeply wrong with the payments technology of any society that has a "payroll vault."