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The Dev's Future Landscape: What Lies Ahead?

Hey, hey, it's the Daily Byte! Over the next several days, we'll be talking about developer roles, success taits, and the future ahead.

What do you envision as the future landscape for developers? Discuss emerging trends, technologies, and potential career paths.

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I see that Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities(nations) will drive lot of transformation in life of regular citizen. These will use many technologies including AI, GPT and so on to deliver services optimally. Some of key use cases will be traffic management, energy generation & storage, logistics such as deliveries etc. I think, going ahead we might also see the trends of road toll, train tickets getting charged based on load, peak-off peak timing etc.

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Clayton Malarkey

well ai will definately be a big part of this future and those that take full advantage of it while understanding what its doing will definately have a leg up

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Juan F Gonzalez

^ This