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Balancing Skills: Beyond Coding Expertise

Being a well-rounded coder involves more than just technical skills. What are some non-technical skills or areas of personal growth you'd like to develop alongside your coding expertise? Let's chat about the benefits of a holistic skill set.

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Rachel Fazio

I am really wanting to learn more about performance art! I feel like I've gotten a lot better at presenting during work but I think if I am able to get more into performing exercises I may be able to take those to the next level!

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Ralph Hightower • Edited

These two articles contain information beyond just knowing programming languages, design patterns, and databases:
An incomplete list of skills senior engineers need, beyond coding / by Camille Fournier / Medium
Top 20 skills to put on your résumé

I also suggest joining Toastmasters International -Home

Be prepared to start meetings on time. That includes having all preparations ready to go.

The software developers chaired the weekly change management meeting on a rotation schedule for a month. Our department had an ancient laptop. Ten minutes prior to the meeting, I would get the laptop and projector, get it connected, set up, and logged into the change management system, ready to start the meeting promptly at 9 AM. That also included dialing into the conference number for off-site meeting participants to call in.

At one employer, there was a person that thought she was project manager extraordinaire. However, she would arrive at the meeting room at the appointed time, and then burn the next 10 minutes plugging her laptop into the network, booting the laptop, logging in, connecting the projector, aligning the projected image, and finding her Word document.
She scheduled an hour long meeting at 4 PM; close of business is 4:45 PM. She had the on-site meeting participants crawling around on the floor for fifteen minutes looking for a live phone jack to start the conference call. I had to leave at 4:45 to get home and take one of my dogs to the veterinarian. I walked out at 4:45 PM. She shouted "You can't leave!" I didn't say anything, or turn around. I asked my manager when the meeting ended and he said that it ended shortly after I left.