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Which Trends Will Become Obsolete?

Do you foresee any trends like the gig economy or cord-cutting fading away as societal preferences and needs evolve? Share your insights and predictions.

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Ben Halpern

NFTs will probably be obsolete if they aren't already.

That isn't to say that the idea of non-fungible digital goods doesn't have merit β€” but NFTs as we experienced them as a trend are such an uninspired version of this idea.

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NFTs is a cool idea. Too bad the execution was less than stellar. There were major companies like Nike, and Christie's (auction house), that made use of NFTs. Wonder if they're still tinkering with NFTs. 🧐

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Ben Sinclair

The engineer's answer: all of them, eventually.

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V Sai Harsha

I am thinking Stack Overflow. Due to the rise and popularity of AI tools like Github CoPilot and ChatGPT, I think developers will not use StackOverflow.

According to the monthly traffic in the insights (I use Edge btw), in September, 32% decrease was in the traffic.


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The new age vector databases will be obsolete when existing databases will add embedding support. And the whole AI native vector databases will be exposed.


  • The whole Vector Database Stack is very hard and expensive to manage.
  • Apart from semantic similarity, they're useless.
  • Indexing and updating the embeddings are an expensive operation.
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Ryan Brown

If... and its a big if... actually being able to own/control general purpose computing devices is maintained...

That "Cloud Everything" will fade. Yes there is a market for cloud/hosted services but not for everything or everyone.
That being said, if the trend of OS designers and regulatory lock-down for "no can has encryptions! terrrrisssstss! no can has risk-v! forigneers!" and control over our own devices and software evaporates... then cloud/hosted will be the only solution.

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Devin Clark

I found the article on "Which Trends Will Become Obsolete?" on DEV Community thought-provoking. It raised interesting points about asphalt 8 the potential obsolescence of trends like NFTs and the evolving nature of the gig economy and cord-cutting. It's crucial to stay informed and adapt to the changing dynamics of technology and societal preferences. Great read!